Yep it's that time of the year again.

The mad chaos is almost over (do have a trip to the supermarket yet)....I have finished my shift at work... wished co-workers a Merry Christmas...and what a bunch of great guys they are.

There was so much laughter and fun...majority of us tinselled and be-hatted...with mince pies and shortbread set out....bonbons and iced coffee and chai lattes as well.

Back at home and we are almost ready.

The tree is set---tinselled within an inch of its life, presents await below for the demolition tomorrow.

Stockings are waiting (don't they look sad when empty) - hoping that the family all make Santa's nice list. I do have my suspicions about a few of them!

The house is clean (ish)----decorations abound...

and yes that is Rudolf locked in the birdcage.

Seems because he sings he freaks out the cat- so for some punishment santa has put him into isolation. Hopefully he'll behave and be out tomorrow. Here's hoping...can't have reindeer scaring my cat can you?

So just wanting to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas- stay safe, stay sane.

I think Snoopy sums it up....doesn't he always.



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