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Three years ago I decided to start blogging about my thoughts, my whinges and yeah moments to do with this thing called writing. Hard to believe it has been three years. Some times it feels as though I began to put down ideas a few months ago, other times it feels as though I have been doing this forever.

I have discovered that I write about everything and anything. As a friend has said, she knows what I've been up to via my blog. And I do add a bit of this, a bit of that...sometimes I write about hard dark moments, other times it is fun and light and dare I say fluffy. Most I think have a verge of fluffyness to them.

A lot has happened in three years---- the house has gained people, lost people, we kept a niece locked up in the garret for a year, then we released her to the wilds, another niece rocks up every now and then for a night or two, one time for three weeks, but mostly the two of us rattle around the house with a rumpled cat who definitely has senior moments.

We have di…


I must admit I'm biased. I read and love to read. Can't imagine a day when I don't read.

A big part of my job is to read to children but also to ensure they come to love being read to and then, hopefully, come to love reading and of course books.  The excitement on a child's face when I am ready to turn the page and they are waiting....just see what happens next in the story....that is priceless.

But apart from all the fun, there is the serious side to all this.

Research after research shows that those years from birth to five are vital.

These are the years when the literacy building blocks are developed. Children are sponges, they soak up all that they hear and watch...sometimes surprising those around them with what they take in. ( I remember at one Storytime when a carer was telling me quietly that a child's father wasn't at home- the little boy looked at me as said 'Daddy's in jail, again.' The child had not been told, no one had s…


There is a saying that a weed is merely a plant growing in the wrong place. In that case I have quite a few growing in the wrong place in my garden and it is a constant battle to try to, if not eradicate them, to tame them into some kind of mutual existence.

But they are still beautiful in their own way. They have their moments when I stop to admire some part of them.

Summer is the time for eating blackberries. Instantly I'm transformed to my childhood. Those days of wandering, buckets in hand, gum boots and long sleeves essential garb, carrying planks of wood to place across so we can reach those temptingly out of reach.

There is nothing like a sun warmed wild blackberry.

Dandelion clocks are another childhood favourite.

Yes another weed. Meant to be eradicated, removed, destroyed.  And often I do. Well I do my best (we do have a big yard).

It's more difficult when it comes to your hard worked words.  Weeds are often harder to find, especially if you are too close to the pi…


All it takes is a hint of sunshine, the temperature to rise and flowers to bloom....and anything appears possible.

That is what spring is all about. Renewal. Rejuvenation. Coming into the light after a term of darkness. And even though here in Melbourne, it won't last long....the weekend is looking cold and wet - yet again- spring does offer the hope of new beginnings.

Time to dust off those sneakers and begin to walk again. The lawn mowers make a reappearance- garden beds are tamed and controlled- people begin to sit out and simply enjoying being there.

I find I'm out in the garden more, enjoying simply pottering around, being out amongst the flourish of flowers and the delicate new greenery beginning to thread the trees.

And my writing changes. Goals are more specific. I become focused. Especially with those reminders of how close the end of the year is (don't you love those 'It's only XXXX days to Christmas')

I find it easier to look back on my work, to edi…