There have been so many times at work (either running a children's program or just helping folks out) when a parent has stared aghast at their child, horrified and said quickly 'you can't tell people about that.'

It happens all the time. And if I was inclined to blackmail, I'd be set for life! But apart from revealing bare naked truths, children are great for noting down ideas.

On the weekend, we had Little Miss. At one stage as were putting on our gumboots to head outside she told me to 'lift up your feet.' 'Why,' I asked, puzzled.

'Just lift them up so I can check something.'

I did as requested. She then nodded. 'Good, you have them on the right feet.'

I didn't really doubt it for a moment but I'm glad she was there checking for me.

It's always interesting how they see the world. When my son was very small I remember him watching as I plucked my eyebrows, then he became quite upset. When asked why 'because you are pulling all your freckles off.'

When my niece was a small tot she was out playing with the lambs. She was chasing one when she came in crying, holding a tail in her hand. 'I broke the sheep,' she said. It had been tail docking time and they were due to fall off but she was positive she had broken the lamb and was very upset (which I did write about and earn $50)

Same child insisted she could fly. So many times she was caught as she jumped off tables and out of trees. She really believed she could fly and it was just us, adults, keeping her grounded.

My sister tells the story of one of her sons, a small boy, had gone to the toilets at a shopping centre. Came out quite proud of himself. He'd spent some of his pocket money and bought one of the 'toys' in the vending machine. 'And it even glowed in the dark.'

Children are funny. They are endearing (and maddening) and some of their truths are too truthful at times. But if you listen to them carefully, they offer some amazing writing opportunities.

Perhaps just change the names to protect the guilty innocent.



  1. Hilarious! I know my kids have probably blurted out some inappropriate truths during Storytime! Reminds me that this week I had to correct one of my students for using "That's so gay" - which then led to a conversation about why Golden Gaytimes are so named.

  2. Kids are great for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time---or even better at saying the right thing at the right time...they are always interesting


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