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Last weekend I had the Christmas break up of my writing group. It was relaxing, fun, inspirational, motivating...the list goes on.

Not only does this last meeting for the year give us a chance to share yummy Christmassy food, but to look back over the year and celebrate the highs ( and the lows)...and for myself to wear reindeer antlers as I passed out the Kris Kringles.

I find it amazing how the goals I created at the beginning of the year, always seem to morph into some strange creature that I barely recognise. Even though I have them in my writing area staring moresly at me. 
The group looks at our individual goals, see what was achieved, where we took a detour or meandered, or where life took a left at Albuquerque and our best writing intentions were abandoned on the side of the road. 

Then it's time for the hard questions. Well for me they are hard. I achieved this, decided that it wasn't the time to work on this, decided I wasn't ready or skilled enough to at…


Last weekend I went to several local open gardens (The Arbours-Kallista; Taylor Garden - Emerald; Kirkcaldy-Kallista) - gardening is one of my other vices. Love the chance to wander around to see what other people have done, what plants they grow, how they grow them and of course I take my camera and come away with ideas.

I want one of these .... doesn't every garden need some mosaic in it?
and then I want to build one of these arches----laburnum hanging down in yellow cascades...truly stunning.

I came away very inspired, took notes, drew a few rough sketches BUT then reality can't do any of this without working on the foundations.

We need to build paths, some sort of paved area, or even several paved areas, and we need a retaining wall of some description. All the boring hard scape before we can be truly creative and begin the 'fun' stuff.

It is so much like writing. It is one thing to have an idea...I want to write a poem about water. What about it?

What wi…


Thursday night, straight after work, I headed off from Pakenham for a night of poetry. I headed cross country....past Cockatoo....Seville...Wandin....stopping a couple of times to check my very dated Melways when I seemed to be driving past more paddocks than anything else (I have the old fashioned kind of phone, it makes phone calls). And heh presto...and hour and a smidge later...there I was...Yarra Glenn.

You may wonder what awaited me at this small community. Firstly the most charming gallery....Acme et the left of the pub in the main street. The store at the front has an eclectic mix of books and toys, jewellery and home made wares...then you walk into the gallery itself.

Allow time to pause and admire...the artwork is very good.

And towards the back, the small cafe which is where the poetry was to be held.

Hosted by the talented and dare I say quirky Sandy was a very good night. A small open stage which offered to me poets and voices I had not heard before (a…


Each year my writing group has a writing retreat. A few days of good food,  good company, good walks, lots of talking about writing and the difficulties therein, lots of writing.  I usually am very good at the first four options and don't do a lot of writing. I do nut out some ideas, plan a few 'MUST DO' items and usually edit...but I don't write like most of my group do.

Last weekend we had a mini retreat- only five of us could go but it was definitely well timed. While one settled down to TAFE assignments, three wrote and wrote well. They gave themselves time frames in which to just write. Starting at 10- break at 1pm for lunch. Just write. Repeat in the afternoon...and so much was achieved. Very inspirational.

Once again I didn't write - I mean I did write. Being by the beach and going for so many walks (lets say for inspiration and not procrastination) - I managed to put down a poem and a short story. But my main objective that weekend was to edit and redraft..…