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School holidays, children moaning 'there's nothing to do' and the dreaded 'I"m bored'. We've all been there. And when faced with a child that states 'I'm bored' and you tell them they could always do fun stuff like clean their room, or read the books they should have read for school- only to be met by the death stare.  What to do?

There's always lots of options, some even include nothing to do with cleaning.

Last weekend Other Half and myself headed into the city with Little Miss, Miss A and Master R. We lunched at Fed Square then a wander through the graffitied alleyways which raised much discussion.

Why are they allowed to do that?
Can anyone come along and paint?
Cover Little Miss's eyes, there are bad words painted there...and there...and over there. (As Other Half says, at least it got them reading).

They oohed and aahed over the three groups of brides posing for photographs. They discussed which were favourites and then the milli…


Last week I headed my sister's place for five days. I knew before hand that she and my brother in law and my niece would be working...that it would be me and two teenage nephews (with an X Box fixation).

So I planned accordingly. I took down lots of books, some colouring books I'd received as Christmas presents and my writing. I took down notebooks and hard copies and pens and papers...knowing I would have lots of time in the relative peace and quiet to write.

However there was quite a lot of this...

a bit of this...

a lot of this...

and even a bit of...

So I bonded with the animals and the hammock.
Always a good move.
I went for a drive with my sister one that meant a bit of..

some of this....

and a bit of this...

I didn't write - well I think I wrote a paragraph.  That's it. But I read and I read, I read and I read.
It was a total relax. Nothing major to think about, no plans to make, no fuss or bother. 
And I did NOT feel guilty about not writing…


Yep, it's here.
No matter how much you ignored it, or celebrated it in style..the new year is here.

A blank canvas waiting for me to put my mark on it. Hmmmmm. So of course I prepare.
One can't merely plough full on into a new year, you must sort yourself, prepare yourself and your writing environment.  Get yourself mentally and physically ready.

Tidying my desk, is of course on my list of MUST DO items.
It always is.

And I do tidy my desk...occasionally. The trouble is, it never lasts.

For a day or two, perhaps even a week it looks so sleek and inviting and appealing. I become lost in admiration of my own hard work.

In my dreams my desk looks a little like this...

in reality, it never ever will be. This is a part of life that I must come to terms with and accept.


So before I do anything else I must tidy my desk, my writing area. This will, on a good day, take about a month.

Perhaps two months, allowing for distractions such as find…