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No I'm not talking deadline or death....or debutante or even dodgy. My dreaded D word is discipline.

One dictionary (another D word, and this one I do like) gives the definition (another) as_

The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience. 

My thesaurus offers up drill, exercise, method, practice, regimen, regulation, training, control. It also goes on to talk about chastisement, correction and punishment.

Frankly I'd rather without the punishment but I'm a great one for putting things off.  Don't feel like doing it today, I'll do it tomorrow. Or next week. Or April.

I think lack of discipline goes hand in hand with procrastination. Settle down at the computer, ready to work on that short story when....oh look...shiny thing on the internet.

Yes there are ways and means. Turn off the internet. Avoid all emails, internet trawling and the wormhole of Facebook until it is earned. By writing at least 500 wo…


Each year I resolve to do many things. Unfortunately, as so many resolutions do, they fall to the wayside. Some resolutions survive the entire year, others make it to about July then wither...and even more (hangs head in shame) barely make it into February.

More embarrassingly, or perhaps I am merely human, I do have perennial resolutions.

Health ones (move more and eat less).

Home ones (get some bloody things done and finished!)

And each year I strive....attempt...pretend that I can keep my desk tidy.

Each year I work at it. I spend hours moving things, putting pieces of paper in the bin, replacing books back in the bookshelf, becoming lost as I reread something I've been working on.

At the end of said hours I have something that looks like this.

However it doesn't last long. After only a few hours some chaotic whirlwind has deposited an unpaid bill...a reminder of necessary equipment for a children's program.....a phone number on a piece of torn paper.

My desk looks mor…


I have this story, it's a good story and I think it has a chance at publication. A friend of a friend mentions a publication is looking for stories...aha...time for my first submission for the year.

First step is to find my story. I had saved it...of course I have saved it.

But alas not by title. Ten minutes of searching and mild panic and it is found.

Next to the internet to make sure that said publication is still looking for stories.

Forty minutes later, and much getting lost down the rabbit hole that is the internet (so many simple clicks can take you to so many places) and I have found that yes they are.

So back to story. I check the word limit. is over by 85 words. Will they notice? I suppose they will. Time for a bit of tweaking. Subtle moving of words and taking away anything that doesn't work.

Seventy five minutes later I have the story just below the word limit.

Great. Time to send but wait....

Check that I'm meeting all criteria.

Font and …


January, to those who work in public libraries, means school holidays. This means lots of people, lots of kids. It means programs and fun means creative chaos.

It also is when we look at the year ahead of us and hmmm and hah over what we want to achieve. To look at what's working, and then what isn't, and try to figure out why.

As I said last blog I'm great with coming up with personal goals and ambitions, for myself and my home. Have even completed one goal already....(insert smiley face).

The writing goals always take longer to plan.

One that I have decided on is to get back to all those works in progress. (Well perhaps not ALL...I mean there is a lot,hundreds thousands of them)

The garden bed under the Bay tree is one of my many gardening works in progress. I was very hesitant about putting in the bromeliads...but they have thrived. Have flowered each year and born pups. Then I decided to add a succulent. You can see a tiny piece behind the owl.

Bad ide…


So 2016 is done and dusted and we move onto 2017.

Surprisingly it feels very much like the previous year. However new year it is and as January pushes forward we all begin to think of resolutions.

Or goals...or aims...or what on earth am I going to do this year?

For a lot of people there is a path clearly defined.

They want to change jobs...move house... change partners.

There is a holiday they have saved up and planned for. Perhaps a new home, new baby.

Some have renovations curtains and blinds. (we all know once you start it is a slippery slope of DIY)

I find the house and garden plans for the new year easy.
I want to paint the small bedside table in son's ex-room and the dresser in the dining room...get some new kitchen chairs....we need blinds for the kitchen so the late summer sun doesn't continue to blind us and turn the room into an oven. There is also some lighting work to happen (would help if you can actually read in the lounge…