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Yep, this writing business is a definite case of snakes and ladders. A few good throws and you move forward, then you land on the slippery snake that takes you backwards.

Take a 'normal' - I will use that word lightly- writing day for me.

So I settle myself at the computer (which so many days is a miracle in itself) ...but what's this? The sun is shining. And there is a load of washing to do...

So I put a load of washing on. As I wander past the kitchen, notice the crumbs from this morning's breakfast. Time to give the bench a quick wipe down...which turns into having another slice of toast (let's face it, the marmalade is really very good). Which of course means more wiping down of bench.

But finally settle myself down at the keyboard when there is the beep beep indicating the washing machine has finished. Time to hang out a basket of washing, and put on a second load.

Serious business. Back at the computer, and I begin. Words are tripping lightly...and there is …


Reading is such a vital every day part of my life that I tend to take it for granted. It's part of my job as well as my personal daily routine.

However tomorrow, Thursday 20th of September is Australian Reading Hour.

So what's Reading Hour you ask? Simple. Stop what you are doing for one hour and pick up a book.
They want Australians to remember (or even be introduced) to the joys and benefits of reading.

There are so many benefits of reading.

It reduces stress. Yep, you get to sit/ lie / sprawl and immerse yourself. Lose yourself. Forget all your problems and situations while you discover worlds beyond your own.

 Is great mental stimulation and helps you to expand your vocabulary. How many times have we stalled at an unknown word or phrase? But then we look it up, we roll it over our tongue. We speak it out loud, try it in a sentence or two. And sometimes we file it away later so we can blithely drop it into a conversation.

Reading betters our writing skills and our knowledg…


Second week of Vicki the Lefty (as in learning to do most things with the left hand). I'm finding I can do more and more with the old dependable right hand, to a limited degree...but alas longer than five minutes on the keyboard or using the mouse and it aches. So we are limited to a lot of left handed sloooooowwwwwww typing, the mouse clumsily used on the left which has translated to a few poems being attempted, but that is it.

So what have I done?

Hello the wormhole of Netflix. We won't go there.

I've also done some clumsy left handed gardening.

Although I have a lot of ideas..especially when I'm able to really dig and lift heavy things.

I have ordered some plants...

Nothing like lounge room gardening.

I have spent time with this little fellow.

And his mum of course.

I have actually been listening to some podcasts that have been recommended to me over the years.

From Stuff You Should Know - with Josh and Chuck ( I can only do very small bursts of these guys, they do…


Well it's been just over a week and today the bandages came off, still have stitches and now a few bandaids to keep them dry.

The last few days have been gorgeous. So nice to walk around the garden and a little bit of left handed weeding..but I'm coming up with ideas which is good. Or perhaps not so good.

It has forced me to just sit back and enjoy the garden. I try to not see the weeds (not great at that) but can see what is working, what needs work, what should be removed.

I'm still in a love/hate relationship with various things at home.

Anything with laces, multiple buttons or chunky zips. But we are getting there. I am typing, slowly left handed, the mouse is on the left as well. So using the left hand, the non-dominant hand, even for a while must be good for you.

It has been interesting.

I've managed to put down some ideas.

Very slowly...and hopefully legible.

I've also typed up a few poems.

But mostly it's relax mode.

Time to think and plan. I've ma…