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It's that time of the year when we have over indulged on chocolate and hot cross bun, and we can put another Easter firmly behind us.
But oh the chocolate...and yum to those buns.

Which of course means it's school holidays.

With the library closed for four days (public holidays) the first day we are open is...busy. Yep, let's just say busy.

Not only do all the regulars come in, starved of books, eager to claim more to take home. Because it is school holidays we have the families coming in.  Parents who already have children stating 'I'm bored.'

DVD's zoom out the door. Console games are played endlessly. Some school projects are begun, not many but a few.

There are some that get away. Take a few days off, a week off...even the whole holidays off. Get out and about and do something.


Other half and I had the four days of Easter off. First day we gardened...mowed...weeded...tidied up.

Second day...

we adopted George.

Third day we had daughter and so…


Recently I read a 'best selling' young adult writer. I had numerous recommendations to read his work, with people telling me I'd be blown away with his writing.

Now in all honesty, perhaps I chose the wrong book. Perhaps I was in a bad mood, bad place etc when I read it. And we all have different views on 'great', 'good' or even 'okay' books. But I'm afraid I just didn't like it. (It is now nominated for an award which just shows how little I do know).

Over the years I have found that I have become quite a harsh reader. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a lot of books. Enjoy...not LOVE...not WOW THIS IS AMAZING...enjoy. Which is almost the equivalent of being told your work is...nice.

I became worried. Am I too pessimistic? Have I lost myself and am unable to see the magic?

Then I realised I can find magic.

I worked last weekend when the Pakenham show was on and we had the stilt walkers get ready in the library. It was amazing to see them.…


Recently, when visiting my father, we went to a winery. (Amazing how often this happens--the statistics are astounding!) It just happened to be Taste of Rutherglen- local ultimate wine and food festival.

Who knew?

Well it seems most people knew. Which explains the shuttle buses and hordes of cars at each winery.

We stopped at one winery...Other half and Dad sampled....Mrs K and I people watched.

And it was good watching. So many people equated a hot day spent drinking wine with wearing as little as possible. Which naturally meant, as the day wore on, and more wine was drunk...etiquette went out the window.

So many stumbled out of shuttle buses, triumphantly holding their festival wine glass as though life depended upon it. As I said, some good people watching.

It was interesting to learn that because of the spurt of warm weather the vineyards are hectic with picking grapes. The hardest decision is which to pick NOW. All of a sudden all the vines are ready but there are only so many p…


On Saturday I joined in with the Mobile Bookworms for the Casey Relay for Life.  It wasn't exactly on my list of things to do. I had thought about it when the memo did the rounds. Thought it would be a good idea. And that was that.

Until Mr M (organizer) came into work with a 'your name isn't down, why not?'

I couldn't think of a reason why not so promptly put my name down.

Now I did it easy, unlike so many that stayed the night...a few even went to work the next day...or is that the same day? 
That is dedication. I could say I had my sister and 3 of her kids down and staying for the night...which in fact is true...and an excuse if I want one. 
But I did arrive on the Saturday about 10 am...and walked...and walked...till the closing ceremony at six.

There were rests of course. Not many, and not for long. Soon learnt the longer you rested the more your legs ached when you began walking again. So walk it was.
Unless we were getting our faces painted.

I mean that was…


Went to a poetry event a while ago and after enjoying the open stage, which was definitely an eclectic mix, overheard someone say ''yes, it was------(long pause) ------interesting.'


Yes it was interesting, but it was also entertaining.




Thought provoking.

That is what I really enjoy about open stage. You never know exactly what you will get.

And let's face it, variety is everything.

A grove of trees, all the same, do look amazing. But imagine if that was all there was. Nothing else.
I wouldn't call that a garden, not for me.

I like the fact that the seasons change it all. Bluebells appear in a flurry of colour, in autumn leaves deck the ground, winter and the hellebores flower beneath the stark branches.

Some poems and poets make you go 'WOW'. And there are times when you want more. More of those words that took your heart and twisted it tight. Made you smile, laugh out loud. Made you shudder with unease. 
Sometimes thoug…