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I'm a list writer from way back. Every day has a list, and every day I mark off what has been achieved. Today - my day off and designated writing day- has a long list of to dos. Unfortunately not all writing to dos. Ring doctor is in there as well as pick up car. But I had hoped being a list maker would make me more organised.

I fear not.

I do try. A few months ago I bought a filing cabinet. Things (and not necessarily files) are in the filing cabinet but in no certain order - that will take a full day of concentrated effort and time-  and as yet it's not on my to do list.

This is what  I dream it will look like. A girl has to dream.

And last weekend we got our wardrobe organised. After much sweat (on my husbands behalf) we have that organised. Well semi- organised. Frankly by the time we'd finished I simply threw everything in the wardrobe so we could find the bed and walk on the floor without tripping over a pile of jumpers.

But it will be done (once it's on my to do…


Hmm it's that time of the year when, as a writer, I begin to wonder what on earth have I done?
I look at my goals for the year and even though there are notes, perhaps even scratchings on most of them....I'm still wondering what has been accomplished.

My writing group last month also revisited their goals. It was an interesting meeting to hear how some have been working dedicatedly at knocking down their goals, systematically bit by bit. Some knew exactly what they were aiming for and what steps they would have to take to get there.

Others were amazed at how different their actual accomplishments were to the goals they wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year.  And a few, who knew that this year would be unsettled for various reasons and hadn't made any goals were able to think of a few that could be achieved by the end of the year.

But that is what is so fairy floss about goals. They are not set in concrete.  They are too easily moulded and reshaped, and when they b…


Last week we had a Princess and Prince storytime for the school holidays. It was also a chance for the children (and myself) to dress up. It was wonderful to see little princes in home made cardboard shields and swords, fabric pinned for capes (not to mention the little boys dressed up as firemen and magicians...why not?) ....and the wonderful array of princesses. From Snow White to Cinderella, Ariel to Belle...and all those in between (mostly fairy princesses).

When you have nearly 60 children and 90% of them have gone to the effort of dressing up it is a wonderful sight.

I myself was a Handsome Prince (I was told I looked more like Puss in Boots but that's by the way) and it was an afternoon of lots of stories and songs - and the making of a crown and magical wand was a huge success. There is nothing like a child's face when you sprinkle glitter on something they have created.

Even though most of the little girls wanted pink crowns and pink wands (and I'm afraid there wa…


School holidays mean more work. Not because I have school aged children that need to be entertained and amused (been there done that got the T-shirt ) but because in the library school holidays mean a lot more folks through the door. More children, more adults, more programs to run.

And it is nice to have something to do other than repeatedly telling children to 'please don't climb on that it's a bookcase, don't walk on chairs, get down from the table, that is a window climb down, pick up all the books you've just thrown onto the floor, inside voices, don't run in the library' etc etc (but that is so for another blog).

It's the programs we run. Lots of fun and we do go that extra mile....more involved activities, and if we can dress up we dress up. Or maybe that's just me?

Anyway last week I ran the 'it's the big bad...'

I wore a red cape, carried a basket of goodies (in this case books to read) and skipped through the library on my way…


I have a big garden. An acre. And while some of it is under control, a lot of it isn't. I spend a lot of time mowing and weeding, mulching and pruning and sometimes...sometimes it just seems too hard.

So this year I decided to enjoy my garden, and to take a photo each week and share it on Facebook. This allows me to see the garden through fresh eyes. To take my time, to enjoy it again.

Recently though it was suggested that my photos are almost a 'lie'.
That I do not show my garden in reality. The weeds, the lawns needing mowing, the overgrown jungle that claims more each week. I have never said my garden is neat and tidy. Like my house (and my writing desk) I wish they were but...heh can I call them a work in progress?

But like any photo, you choose what you want to capture.

You take a few steps this way, few that way, make sure that you have the view you want. That is what photography is all about.

I mean hands up those of us that share bad photographs of ourselves. We ch…