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GOODBYE 2013...

It's always strange looking back at a year. A bit like catching up with an old friend, reassuring and comfortable in one way but somehow able to also see them in a new light.

It was a year that zoomed past. I'm sure it was on roller skates.

For our family it has been a full on year----I turned fifty...

daughter got engaged....niece turned eighteen.....

I saw a cabaret show.... Angela Lansbury in Driving Miss Daisy.... the fantastic Jesus Christ Superstar....experienced a Fortified Wine masterclass... was dared to wear a bear hat out in public with family (silly weren't they!)

saw The Two Gallants and Bombay Bicycle Club....caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in years.... said goodbye to one of my favourite uncles....went posh and had afternoon tea at the Windsor ...

and dad turned eighty. We even had a party for him and managed, for the first time in so many years to get everyone together...and have photographic proof.

Amongst all that we found time to prep, fill, s…


Yep it's that time of the year again.

The mad chaos is almost over (do have a trip to the supermarket yet)....I have finished my shift at work... wished co-workers a Merry Christmas...and what a bunch of great guys they are.

There was so much laughter and fun...majority of us tinselled and be-hatted...with mince pies and shortbread set out....bonbons and iced coffee and chai lattes as well.

Back at home and we are almost ready.

The tree is set---tinselled within an inch of its life, presents await below for the demolition tomorrow.

Stockings are waiting (don't they look sad when empty) - hoping that the family all make Santa's nice list. I do have my suspicions about a few of them!

The house is clean (ish)----decorations abound...

and yes that is Rudolf locked in the birdcage.

Seems because he sings he freaks out the cat- so for some punishment santa has put him into isolation. Hopefully he'll behave and be out tomorrow. Here's hoping...can't have reindeer sca…


Last week I had the chance to catch up with my friend Tiggy. We do the usual email, facebook and phone calls (although they are the rarity) but haven't actually had any face to face contact since her move years ago to sunny Brisbane.

In reality I was a bit worried, what if we had nothing to talk about?
Those of you who know Tiggy will know I had nothing to worry about.

I think her opening sentence was 'This is summer, where the hell is the sun?'....and we didn't stop talking till I dropped her back off at the corner (sounds much worse than it actually was).

Catching up with a friend who you haven't seen in a long time- usually goes the same way. You talk about your life- your children,  your partners, about your home...and since Tiggy and I both work in libraries, we talked about work as well. Although she doesn't tend to dress up in santa hats, reindeer antlers or pirate costumes as much as I do...perhaps that is just me? No, it's simply Youth Services.



Dictionary that is.

Actually Webster's International Dictionary. Comprising the issues of 1864, 1879 and 1884.

With a voluminous appendix. Published 1895.

I am a fan of dictionaries---in print form of course! There is nothing like taking a page at random and discovering new words, new concepts. Opening up whole new adventures.

This dictionary was a  present from Steve..years is a hefty tome, 12 cm thick. The leather cover faded and worn, scraped and scratched, the embossing worn to a mere glint, vanished in many areas...yet so tactile. 
It invites you to to touch it, to run your fingers over it's worn hide...then it invites you in closer.

It demands you to take a chance, to open it. To discover a world that no longer exists.

The wearing of the chemisette ...

to smoke a visit a see a have a prettyism.......or to twattle a cat.

Yep, it is in so many ways another world. A fascinating world.

A world where a koala, a ta…


Recently I went to the last Yarra Glen readings for the year. Hosted by Sandy Jeffs, it is a fun night and great chance to see poetry up close and personal. The feature poet was Carmel Macdonald Grahame, who took us back to the reality and grit of the 1950's. An interesting look at nostalgia and truth.

What I've enjoyed from these readings, apart from seeing a wonderful range of poets and poetry, is the question and answer session that is held afterwards. It gives the audience a chance to ask the poet questions. Often deep and thought provoking questions that have led to some really interesting discussions.

I mean how often do you get the chance to ask what prompted that poem / why that form / where do you write / how do you write / how many edits do you do / where do you get your inspiration / what support do you have / do you have a cold reader etc etc.

Some poets are inspired by their surroundings.

By nature and all its depths. They try to capture a moment of pure beauty.