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I've decided (after handing in my novel MS to a cold reader) to keep busy. Well relatively busy. I could spend the time fretting over whether I've wasted a few years and thousands of words on a piece that no one likes or gets or sees any merit in it....or I could do something constructive.

So out comes the junior novel of which I have a first chapter. This novel is very different to what I normally write. The idea came during one of those sleepless 3 am journeys. And of course as we all know, everything that makes sense at 3 am is usually pure gibberish in the cold light of day.

Yet I like the notion behind the story. I have no idea where the story is going, what will happen. As we all know I'm a pantser not a planner. But I decided to have a go at brainstorming.

I settled down with a huge piece of paper and began to write words...phrases. Trying to put down some key ideas, concepts. Really, I was looking for anything.

Aided by my faithful companion...well George... I beg…


I've done it. I've handed over the manuscript...handed over eagerly to someone I totally trust. Yet, even as I printed out those last pages I was editing. Thinking that I should have added this, made that scene longer, focused on that photograph because there is a link to....

But, I also knew, no matter how unfinished it was time for another's eyes to go over it.

First of all, someone has to see whether there is a story there.

I think there is, but of course the story is mainly in my brain.  As we all know, the major difficulty in writing, is getting down on paper what we have going on up there. Often so many things are overlooked because to us, it is obvious.

Naturally we know that the hero has a slight lopsided smile, we see it in our mind all the time. What do you mean the reader has no knowledge of this? It's mentioned nowhere in the book? Hmmmmm.

I know there are some people that insist NO ONE sees their first draft. Or even their second, third or sevent…


I wish I had the magic solution. Perhaps a pill to take when procrastination calls. Maybe some medicine when the muse vanishes. Something, anything, so that I do make myself sit down and write.

Yes I know it comes down to dedication and determination. Throw in deadlines as well...why not. But in reality there are times, when nothing, makes the writing easier.

Yet there are times, when I do get into it, that I really enjoy.

Totally relate it to my gardening. I had plans...BIG PLANS. So much was going to be accomplished...yet at the moment I'm in a state of near total exhaustion. We are lucky if I manage home after work and get a meal cooked. By the time Little Miss is safe in bed, it's time for my bed and sleep!

Yet, months ago when I put in my rosemary clippings (see above)...they looked like nothing. Little twigs set in the ground.

Fast forward a few months and heh presto. My Rosemary Hedge (see what I mean about having big plans...this will be a hedge of rosemary...just wai…


I really don't know where the saying came from, obviously someone who knows that both (animals and children) can be soooooo unpredictable. At the moment though I do work with kids, and so far, so good. There have been moments when I've wondered how I was going to get out of a situation, what would be the best comment to make now...or perhaps if I ignore the loudly yelled 'My Daddy has run away with Aunty Kaye' everyone else in the room will not have heard the comment. Especially the harassed, red faced and getting hysterical mother of child.

However at the moment I do wonder how ANYONE with a young child, and who works full time, manages to write.


Even a shopping list.

We spent the weekend babysitting.

Let's make it clear, we LOVE our grandchildren to bits and so enjoy having them stay. They make us laugh...

Make us look at things in a new light. They make us baby proof the house.

But they do demand time. For the next two weeks we are also having Little …


Another year, another list. Yep, that's me a list maker. Do I ever finish everything on my list...SOMETIMES....OCCASIONALLY... hmmm perhaps seldom would be better. But a lot does get accomplished. It is often, I have noticed, the real I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS AT ALL items that remain. I am making the effort to do these first. Ring the doctor, dentist etc then something a tad more fun afterwards.

One of my recurring items on my list is TIDY MY DESK.

Being true to character I have tidied my small (tending to be overgrown) potting area. There are plans for a proper potting shed like structure...but until then, this small area outside the laundry is it.

I got Other Half to sort through his collection of t-shirts and old jeans. Bags for rubbish, a few to be donated. Two drawers tidied up.

After reading a 'Five minute wardrobe hack'...I did the easy option of turning all my coat hangers around the other way. It seems, that in a year's time you will know which clothes you…