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On the weekend we had an adventure. First we picked up two lovely young ladies, Little Miss who is 5, and Young Miss now 9. They didn't know where they were going, just that they were going out. We headed to the city, parked the car....

tested the bike racks for strength...

listened to some buskers, watched some street artists (comments made on the naked women being drawn)....walked seemingly aimlessly until we came to a dumpling restaurant.

Little Miss loved the steamed ones, Young Miss decided she only liked the 'pasta' or the outside of the dumplings.

More seemingly aimless walking until we came to the Regent Theatre...our destination. To see The Lion King.

I do love a good show....and my usual partner in theatre is my daughter, but she had seen this show in London on her trip last year. So other half and myself decided it would be good to take some young folk for their first theatre experience.

There was much excitement when they realised where we were going.

And lots…


May 15....10 am....the idea was no matter where in the world you were, you took a photo. On that day, at that time, then posted it to the site.

I was meant to be walking with my friend, however we called it off due to the heavy rain. So when 10 am came about, I walked outside my front door...onto the deck...and took a photo.

Rain dripping off the metal kookaburra sculpture, autumnal foliage in the background.

It was very interesting to see the photographs collected. So many from Australia ...(a few in my local area)...but there were photos from the UK, Spain, Dubai, Malta, Malaysia, Denmark, Fiji, NZ, India, Hawaii, PNG, Venezuela, Canada, Austria, Finland, Thailand, Singapore and the US.

Perhaps other countries, but not everyone posted their location.

So what makes a Frozen Moment in Time?

There were a lot of selfies....a lot of photos of people.

And there is no denying that people are a big part of our moments. Some of these moments will never happen again.

So many of these moments…


Yes it's been Mother's Day, the day, according to all the retail stores, we bombard our much loved mothers with slippers, pyjamas, dressing gowns and chocolate.

Which does make for an interesting version of what they think mothers are. Chocoholics who prefer nothing than spending the day in their pjs?

And of course there is the customary chrysanthemum...which I frankly hate    don't like. Don't know what it is because there are few plants and flowers that I don't take a fancy to.

When the children were younger, there would be the gifts from the Mother's Day Stall. We all remember them don't we? Small soaps with floral stickers on them----gaudy plastic flowers in even gaudier vases---small bags of chocolates-----handkerchiefs with any initial but our own embroidered on them----neon striped fluffy bed socks. Small sigh of nostalgia really.

For mother's day, daughter and I had it planned- it involved breakfast, a wander around a market and then a nice wal…


Last weekend I went on my first, ever, trek to Booktown (aka Clunes).

With good company (daughter ) it was a lovely drive (not the part through the city) but after that, out to the west, with the autumn trees beginning their brassy show. Quite pastoral and picturesque.

I discovered new things...

On a side note- how on earth have I missed potato twisters? Where have I been?

Of course I went, not for the potatoes...nor the mulled wine.....nor the home made ice-cream - I mean Turkish Delight flavour..yummmmm.....I went for the books.

And books there were. Books in all sorts, sizes, shapes, conditions..and price. Even some fancy lamps made out of books.... with a fancy price tag.

Because of where I work, I was positive I was not going to buy fiction---I mean I'm surrounded by books, all sorts of books and I rarely read the same book over and over. There are a few exceptions but I'll save that for another I was determined to ignore the fiction, and perhaps only buy what…