In my day job I do a lot of planning. In fact the school holiday program that runs for two weeks in January was planned four months ago. And we are just about to plan for the Easter school holidays.

In so many ways, it is difficult to plan so far ahead. Once chosen, these programs are locked in. They are in booklets and flyers and are advertised. Not to be changed.

We have no idea if a new theme or program will work until it has been tried and tested. Just because it works in another library, doesn't mean it will work in ours. Different space, different people, different reactions.

And when we trial a new program, which we are next year, as well as new days and times for programs, it is a step into the unknown. Will they work? How long before we know? When can we tweak? When it comes to a lot of the programs, we have to give them a year. And of course during that year we are planning for the next year's programming.

It is a continuous circle of planning months, or even years,…


Yep, that time of the year when folks everywhere are panicking and asking 'so what do you want?'
As a gardener there a million things I dream over. Oh and ah over. Drool and imagine over.

As a writer, it gets a bit more difficult. I have pens, in fact a LOT of pens. The really cute and quirky ones magically disappear and I'm left with those 'buy a packet of 20' ones that still work.

When used.

Notepads and notebooks are always nice to receive. I have a few writing friends who I envy because their novel ideas are neatly put into these A4 notepads. They have images and pictures, they have maps and terrains marked out. I dream of someday doing this.

But what to get me as a writer?

 How about a place to write...perhaps a cabin in the woods? Hmmm actually I live in a log cabin, in a forested area.

A place by the beach so I can wander the shores while dreaming of my characters?

This could be a contender folks! Watch this space...

Actually what I would so much prefer wou…


This week is the week when I run the last of the children's programs. It means a lot of Christmas earrings and jingle bells, candy canes and letters to Santa. Lots of goodbyes from the kiddies moving onto Kindergarten and those heading to school.

And even though there are still a few weeks till the end of the year, it's this moment when (at work) we look back to see what worked, what didn't, and even though we are prepped till after the Easter holidays 2020, we are working out what could be tweaked and adjusted.

This time of the year is chaos. (Had to laugh at one Mum who told me I could now have a 'well deserved break' )

Some of you may find it organised chaos, but to me it's strictly I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHAT-I'M-DOING kind of chaos.

Today, in an effort to find my Christmas Spirit,  I did some wrapping of presents (while watching ELF) and have been singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town loudly (cat only giving mild glares)

And no matter how determined I am to …


I recently read well listened (audio book) to a book that left me very unsettled. It wasn't the plot, because even though it was about things I really didn't know about, it wasn't too far from the familiar. It wasn't the narrator---even though it was a very Scottish voice. It was a Scottish author, and of course the book was set in Scotland, so that all made sense. I admit it did take me a little while to get my 'ear' in to the story with the subtle accent, but that was easily done.

No what really troubled me was the main character.

I didn't like her at all.

I tried and tried to like her. And just when she was about to do something I deemed kind or caring or even halfway decent, she'd stuff up. Again.

In fact I even googled reviews afterwards to see if anyone else felt the same way - very few did, most people LOVED the book. They raved over the 'so humanly and relatable character' and talked about the dark psychological truth.  Hmmm.

I found th…


I recently attended a Trivia Night. This one is our annual fund raiser for our Bookworms Relay for Life team. It is a fun night, mostly attended by work mates, and their families and friends.

It's also a great way to totally understand your work colleagues and be amazed at what they 'know'.

There are so many surprises. Who knew that person had a great knowledge of Australian prime ministers?

Or who knew that person's passion was astronomy?

I must admit to knowing nothing about either of the previous subjects. In fact while the astronomy round was on, I was happily doing one of the table games. (Yes I knew who lived in St. Mary Mead....and who in Whitehaven Mansions )

It's always interesting when there is heated 'discussion' over an answer. Some are adamant, others hesitant...some shrug and willing to go with the flow.

Although had to laugh when Miss J and I attempted one of the table games----we knew 3 of the answers so guessed the rest. Surprisingly we go…


Sometimes you just need to spend some me time. Some time to pamper yourself, even though there is a list of a thousand (not an exaggeration) things to get done.

So yesterday, after work I spent some time being pampered.

I booked myself in for a sauna, back massage and facial.

It was pure bliss. Except for the painful bits in the massage (that's just the old back being problematic and we're working on that).

I had hoped to simply turn to mush.

However, of course, the old brain decides to go full tilt.

In the sauna I was planning for work----FOR NEXT YEAR!

I attempted to have a severe word with my brain but it wouldn't listen.

During the massage I was crossing off Christmas presents and thinking I had to tell hubby to......and that I had to remember to......and that we probably should.....

It was only when I got home, sat down that I went OOOOHHHHHHHH.

I didn't want to move.

I don't think I could have.

Finally, the brain had decided enough was enough.

Frankly I thin…

I'M BORED.....

We went recently to see the show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (great show, not only for kids!). We took Little Miss (who I'm afraid will be Little Miss forever in my eyes ), daughter, other half and myself.

There were dumplings before hand, much walking from car park to said dumplings then to the theatre. We found our seats fifteen minutes before the show started when Little Miss said 'I'm bored, entertain me.'

She was told, politely, to suck it up. That the show would start soon and surely she could entertain herself for (by now, ten minutes).

She shook her head.

'I need internet or something,' glancing hopefully to my handbag. Not a chance.

Her aunt got her to look around the theatre to find out who the youngest person was (baby of about three months)....then she began to count seconds. Very very fast seconds.

It is an interesting phenomena that we don't allow people to be bored.

Boredom is necessary. Especially for children. It teaches them to be c…