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Well I'm back. Hard to believe I actually spent four weeks in India, from the south east of Chennai to the south west of Kochi....then from Kochi in a north east direction to Shillong...from there to the north west of Jaipur....then back to Chennai. In many ways it feels surreal. As though it happened to someone else.

Although I do have the photos..and I took notes. Page and pages of notes.

Not only in a diary like form....what ground we covered each day, how many mechanics we saw...what dodgy hotel we stayed in, whether they had a shower, working toilet or bedbugs etc etc.....but thoughts that occurred. As many of what I noticed, observed, smelt, felt, I put down on paper.

Or attempted to.

There is so much that can't be put down in mere words. Or more importantly I can't as yet find the right words.
How does it feel to actually drive an auto rickshaw over four thousand kilometres, on some of the worst roads in the world...and actually make it to the finish line?

Not in t…


Only been four days but just when I think I have an understanding of a small part....I realize I know nothing.

I have seen two areas is India, but what differing places. From fast paced bustling,noisy, crowded Chennai to the coconut laden tropical Cochi.
And so much to see. Simple things like waiting for the ferry to Fort Cochi...

To the Chinese fishing nets by the sea...

So much colour...such vibrancy.
And if you are interested in stories or writing, there is an idea every few steps.

Walking along the streets, passing the fishermen with their catches for sale....having children talk to us so they can practice their English....the first question is usually what is your name? Doesn't seem to be many Vicki's....brings much laughter :)

And of course there is the food...such wonderful food. Perhaps I could try food writing?
But with all that I have learnt, all that I have seen....can't wait for more.