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On Saturday, just as Melbourne decided to finally have some rain, daughter and I headed off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  I thought I had an umbrella in my car, she thought she had one in her car...neither one of us did. However we had a fun day out, no matter the weather.

And of course the weather did force a lot of folks to huddle under cover. The Royal Exhibition building is just amazing.  I think we spent just as much time looking up as down at the exhibits.

This is a place where you have to come home with ideas.

A floral bee...come on. Surely EVERYONE wants/ needs one of these! 

Wasn't too keen on this idea. But there was definitely something for everyone.

I do love these 3D pictures, created with succulents. 

My kind of artwork for a garden wall!

This was stunning. Pink and green and lush. And check out the kokedama. Something else on my 'attempt to create' list.

Some ideas are just a bit out there, for example this bed with dinosaurs roami…


I put my hands high in the air, I am easily distracted. Doesn't have to be by much.

Could be by a plant, a bit of sunshine, a bit of rare rain. I'm easily distracted and therefore I procrastinate. I should be writing but heh, it's a good day and the garden needs work.

I should be writing but it's sunny and there is washing to hang out.

I have a million excuses, some of them even good excuses, why I can't be writing right now.

There is family and frankly that is very important. I have my husband and very much loved grandchildren. Children won't be children for that long, they grow so fast. So if there is a choice between family and writing, family will win time and again.

Then there are other distractions...

These distractions are easily avoided but, alas, most are so much fun. This is where choice comes into it.

In an attempt to not be so easily distracted I have my laptop set up so all I do is write on it.

And the only thing on it, at…


This year has been a bit of a doozy. A lot of obstacles have popped up, some avoidable (accepting bigger work load and more hours)..some unavoidable (death of family member). So without me noticing it, March has arrived. Summer is gone and we have autumn, and not a lot of writing has been done.

But here we are and I'm determined to get myself organised and on focus. I have made a goal sheet for 2018, which is a great start. It only has two things on it but heh, they are two BIG things and hopefully  I intend to get them done.

 Last night I attended my YA / Children's writing group. What an inspirational group! Just when I needed a pick up, a kick up the pants (please supply any number of cliches) I was reminded of what can be achieved with lots of hard work.

Fellow member Pauline  is about to launch her second book in her Cinnamon Stevens series.

There will be a launch at Belgrave Library, Tuesday 10th April 2pm.  Copies can be purchased at the launch, through Pauline's s…


This has been my third Relay for Life , and once again not only was I amazed at the sense of community but it was a very bitter sweet time for me.

Last year Dad had a white luminaria bag, as a survivor. This year his was a memorial luminaria bag.

Honestly there is nothing so touching as walking past all these lit bags. Each one in memory of someone, either someone gone or someone surviving.

It's an amazing experience....and a great bonding one.

Once again, the Mobile Bookworms stormed away.

This photo is of those at the end of the relay. Most had been walking for hours and hours. This year we had over 40 members, some came with their children, some came with their spouses. Everyone walked. Our amazing leader, Fay, walked over 40 laps. Over 32 kilometres...well deserved cup of tea and hot bath waiting for her that night!

As I walked, my thoughts turned to Dad. Of his random visits to see us when Kate was working in Melbourne. How he would always take home lemons, and return them t…