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So we have just come back from a holiday. Three weeks touring the South Island in New Zealand. This year has definitely had it's moments, so for both of us we were ready to relax and enjoy. And we did. It was just lovely.

We had visited Christchurch briefly five years ago, then headed north and visited the North Island. We knew we wanted to come back, and eventually we made it.

I made myself a pact. I was going on holiday. No thinking about work or writing...I was just going to enjoy.

And what was not to enjoy? Mountains and lakes and birds and gardens and houses and boats and water and...

You get the idea. Every where we turned it was WOW...stunning view.

Or quaint buildings.

I'm a bit of a nature nerd. I like to walk, I like to look. I like to feel a place.

Give me some birds to see and I'm happy.

Even if I have no idea what they are. And although I said I wouldn't think about work I had to go into a library over there. Take photos, question the librarian and listen…