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SUMMING UP 2017....

It's a cliche, but where on earth has the year gone? And once again I tend to think, hmmm 2017, not much happened. Then I think, really focus and I'm blown away by how much I did do.

There was a lot of spending time with grand kids...taking them to Wiggles and Frozen on Ice..

Decorating a garden area just for them...NO BOYS ALLOWED

and with the lovely Zoe we got to meet some of the Zoo's creatures up close and personal.

Some one even turned one...

Got to love the attitude!
Hubby and I ventured to the circus as well as Book of Mormon (so funny).
Daughter and I adventured even more. It was a great year for entertainment...Alladin, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, Shakespeare pop up theatre...

 which usually led to a lovely meal out...

 and perhaps a cocktail...

but the best was spending time with this lovely woman.

Even went out for a night with my sister, brother and his partner...rekindled a blast from the past with Alice

I even managed to catch up with friends. When a get-together…


How on earth is it Christmas already? I'm sure the last time I looked at a calendar it was April...well maybe August. Definitely not December. Yet here it is and tis the season to share the love.

So what are some wonderful presents you can give a writer?

I have a few ideas.

There are the usual notebooks and pens. I don't know about you but you can never have too much stationery. Well, actually you can, but a nice notebook never goes astray. Pens, unfortunately do. Grand children do love a cute pen...and if it's yours they seem to love them even more.

There is of course writing software. I have tried one of these, and alas, not for this little duck (too much of a distraction). But others rave over for some, it works. And works well.

A massage never goes amiss. Espeically when you have been hunched over a computer for hours straight, trying to solve a huge plot problem. Or working tirelessly to a deadline. Yes, a massage is a good idea!
Some can write in a busy (re…


It's that time of the year when any and all groups are having the yearly Christmas break up. Both of my writing groups have had their break ups and while it's been a whirl of great food, drinks and laughter, I've had time to reflect on how fantastic my groups are.

All of them are passionate and avid readers. Which leads to some great chats on who is reading what, highly recommended books, but also some interesting discussions on when we differ on a novel. Some people's favourites are another's ho-hums.

But that leads to the fact that there are so many different personalities in these groups. Dynamic mover and shakers as well as introverted observers. Lots of different personalities and lots of different ways of writing.

This I think is what makes a group work. It's also why I get so much from both these groups. It's understanding that everybody is so very different. In what they write, in how they write.

In how they plan or plot, or simply write blindly an…


Last weekend, during the rain (although not as bad as forecast) we headed into the wilds of the city. There, with so many others, we headed to the Wiggles.

It was my first Wiggle concert and boy aren't they a well oiled machine. Everything so well thought out and choreographed. And the kids LOVED them!

It was just so glorious to see - and hear- so many kids, parents and grandparents, singing along to all their songs.

And watching all the dads dancing with their kids was so aw-worthy. Heart melting really. Just gorgeous.

Apart from all the joy in watching so many children have a blast, it was a good learning curve to how to perform (and not only to children)

It was all about giving them their favourites (no matter how old), among any new pieces.

To make it as interactive as you can. This was for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They lowered the lights and so many (fake) candles and mobile phones were lit up as we sung.

Introduce anyone or anything new...and remember if something doesn…


A few years ago I attempted Nanowrimo...well not only attempted I successfully put down over 50 000 words. I put it aside for about a year, then finally looked at it. Surprising myself that there was actually something there to work with.
I did a bit of rewriting...then left it for a long time. Being brave I gave the opening chapter to my writing group...they all wanted more. So I printed the whole mismatch out and on our writing retreat I worked on it.
This led to a major rejig of time line and since then I've been slowly plodding away on it. I'm 9/10 of the way through when bang... I have discovered A HUGE HOLE.

Why I didn't notice this earlier I have no idea. Perhaps I was too focused on getting there. I had the end in sight and I was merely putting one foot in front of the other. Whatever the reason, here I am with a hole. A gap. A huge slice of emptiness that needs to be filled. 

Interestingly enough I had thought the plot made sense. And it does to a certain degree,…


It's a truth that we see things from our own narrow perspective. Sometimes we can glimpse how other's view the world, but mostly it is from our personal viewpoint. And that viewpoint is tinted by so many factors.

How we were raised...our beliefs, both spiritual and religious...whether we are an optimist or pessimist.....our political and ethical beliefs. Ingrained parts of ourself.

We are also tinted by mundane layers such as are we happy or sad, hungry or full, sleepy or wide awake.

Everything can twist how we view something or someone.

So even though our main beliefs won't change (or probably won't), those peripheral 'things' can change and our perspective may alter.

I know I love to travel. Love seeing new places and trying new things..but also love coming back home. That ahh moment when you see your own bed, and the cat once again is winding itself around your legs. Everything is golden and lovely. It doesn't take long to notice that the lawn needs mow…