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There are a lot of quotes out there about learning but this one resonates with me.

I do like to learn new things. Doesn't matter if it's a new system at work, new craft or a new technique for writing. I like to try new things, see if they work for me. Over the years I've attempted a lot of tricks and techniques from writers, famous and not so famous, to see if they would spur me on to great copious bursts of creativity.  I'm still trying to find the right one for me.

However recently Lovely Daughter and I ventured on a cake decorating course.

For me this was very intimidating. Now Lovely Daughter is a great baker and creates the most amazing cakes. Her decorating skills are some that I am in awe of. However I was there to learn.

Even though the majority, hell EVERYONE in the class makes cakes for weddings and engagements, 21sts and anniversaries. You name a huge celebration, and these women were making cakes for it. One lovely young one had won last year's Melbour…


Every time autumn rolls around I think it's my favourite season, but then along comes spring and I change my mind. There is just something magical about it. The promise of so many new things after the long dark chill that is winter.

It doesn't hurt that the weather begins to warm---well it gets a bit warmer. The days become longer, the sun surfaces (occasionally)...and of course the flowers bloom.

It all just makes me feel so happy. And creative. With a strong yearning for adventure and travels and discoveries.

I get itchy feet and want to go places.

This time of the year I find it difficult to do the hard slog. The editing and redrafting and all the nitty gritty.

I find it exciting to begin something new yet again.

But even though this call for newness and first drafts is demanding, there is the understanding that there is other work to finish. Drafts to slog through. Chapters to tighten, timelines to wrangle.

Although a part of me wonders if it is possible to only begin new…


Isn't the start of spring gorgeous? Mind you that first week was a cold chilly reminder that winter was holding on...brrrr.  There's something about spring that brings a smile. That suggestion of anything can happen.

At the moment so many of my friends are on holidays. Yep, holidays. And I love the fact that via social media it is so easy to connect, share photos and adventures. But alas, a tad of trip envy pops up.

I want a holiday!


Alas, that can not be...(although am planning a few days off in a month or  two).

Yet I fear I have a case of itchy feet. I want to go somewhere....anywhere.

It doesn't have to be far. Doesn't have to be overseas or even interstate. This Victoria of ours has so much to offer.

It doesn't even have to be that far away.

I just feel the need for some getting out and about. Time for some exploration.

Usually when I do travel, near or far, there is always something that sparks an idea. Perhaps it is a change of environment. Not sitting…

Father's Day...

It rolls around each year. The day we are meant to celebrate our fathers. Praise them to the skies. Buy them useless presents like socks and chocolates and soap on a rope (who on earth invented this and why!) And if you are a father you are meant to sit back and lap it all up.

It's a day that frustrates me like Mother's Day and to a certain extent, Valentines Day. These Hallmarked days that tell you who to praise/ love and if you haven't got a father/ mother / lover or if you aren't yourself a mother/ father/ lover much of a loser you are.

Don't get me wrong it's always nice to get a phone call and a visit from your children, but that is just lovely on any day. Not a specifically designated day chosen by a commercially avid world.

Rant over.

I did phone my father on this special day. Had thought of a visit but due to my heavy cold and the fact that he's only recently out of hospital, figured it wasn't the best idea.

Then I became designated drive…