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On the weekend we went out and found Country Farm Perennials, just out of Nayook.  A lovely garden (with a nursery) ...and oh my they have a catalogue...but I've lost my train of thought (that's what gardens does to a girl).

I wanted to talk about inspirations.

This garden was gorgeous.

 Around every corner there was something else to oooh and ahhh over...

 There was a lot of 'We really need one of those don't we?' comments.

There was a lot of 'wow, look at that'.

What really intrigued me was that a lot of plants we have at home.

 Yes we have the columbines and the foxgloves, the azaleas, the mollis, the rhododrendrons....but they have put their plants together in such inspirational ways.

Ways that I had not thought of. That should have clashed or should have jarred but didn't.

 Some things, such as the arbour above and the wonderful bird bath at the end of the vista---totally out of our league. But we noticed the repetition of urns planted the same wa…


You don't always know when you are ready to take a break...a brief holiday...a respite from the everyday. Sometimes there are signs. You are tired and dream of getting in the car and just going...and telling no one....and if you work with the public you just want to slap people.

Which of course is not allowed (mind you there should be exceptions - especially school holidays).
I got to the stage if I had to tell another child to 'GET DOWN FROM THERE, IT IS A BOOK SHELF NOT A JUNGLE GYM' I would have screamed.

So off we went, other half and I,

off to the civilised wilds of South Australia.

Firstly to Robe (such a lovely place) then on to Victor Harbour - then catching the ferry across to Kangaroo Island.

What an idyllic relaxing place. We stayed in a cottage ...with no wifi, no telephone reception. Nada. There was a television (with limited channels- gotta love some of those Alice Springs adverts) but an abundance of wildlife.

Each day we got to watch the kang…