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In a whirl and a 'quick-do-it-before-you-change-your-mind' moment I signed up for a six week online poetry course with poet Andy Jackson. I have read Andy's poetry and seen him perform several times, so when I saw this, very casual 'who would be interested in an online poetry course' I put my hand up.

Then of course I had doubts. Lots of doubts. Then, before I could change my mind, payment and committed.

Can I say, it was a FANTASTIC  way to start a year.

It got me thinking about words.

Got me thinking about topics and themes. How I construct poems. How I often use the easy way out.

Why I write poetry.

It's my way of trying to understand the world.

Putting down how I feel, hopefully without the Hallmark sentimentality smwaltz.

There are so many moments I attempt to capture. So many conversations with Miss Nine...often out there and crazy conversations.  Her view of life is as complex as it is innocent.

Or the moment Miss Two stepped into my high heels, walked …


On Sunday we went down to Geelong to visit my step-mum K and to have a 'memorial' lunch to celebrate Dad. Sunday was one year since he died and she wanted to have some kind of celebration.

With my aunt and uncle (Dad's youngest sister and husband) and K's niece we went to one of Dad's favourite restaurants by the water.  We enjoyed a lovely meal, watched the boats come and go, raised a glass to PJ and then went to visit the grave site.

I'm not a big one for visiting graves but it was fitting on this occasion. As K said, it is hard to believe it has been one year already.

In some ways it seems like a few months ago, especially when you ring their home phone and Dad answers. 'You have called Kildare, the home of Peter and Kate.' So surreal to hear his voice like that but comforting in a strange way as well.

I wrote a lot of poems when he was very ill. Those months when we all knew the end was very close. I wrote his eulogy, trying to describe Dad to a ch…


February 14th is a day to celebrate. I'm not talking soppy sentimental cards and last minute dash to the florist or petrol station for a bunch of sad flowers...but.....LIBRARY LOVERS' DAY.

Time to celebrate ALL the reasons why we love our libraries.

I've spent this week getting some really intense feedback on why some of our patrons love the library. The fact that all of these patrons were under the age of five is irrelevant...they have legitimate reasons why the library is the place to be.

Go Sophia!
And of course libraries have moved on from simply having print books, we have audio and e-books and e-audio. We have magazines, both in print and online. Non-fiction, biography, graphic novels, manga, genres, newspapers, books in other languages....

Yes, we are a definite base of learning. Both in person with a huge variety of workshops, seminars and classes being held, weekly or monthly. Everything from yoga to gardening, digital education and making preserves, workshops of…


Last year, for a lot of us I'm sure, had a lot of ups and a hell of a lot more downs. Sometimes it felt like there were months of pure I've decided, in my wisdom, and in an attempt to keep my sanity, to have regular treats.

Something nice to look forward to each month. Doesn't have to be huge like an Overseas Trip (although that would be nice as well), but little things, a movie date, coffee and catch up with a friend, visit an open garden, walk along a beach.

My treat for February was going away for the weekend with two lovely friends.

We headed to Bendigo to go to this exhibition (which frankly we found disappointing). But the best thing about going on an adventure is the other places you venture.

We went to the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion.

A Buddhist monument being built.

It was amazing...

and so very serene.

We also wandered Bendigo. Unfortunately the Chinese Museum was closed but we did manage a walk..

admired the lotus sculpture

and even ventured …