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A few years ago I attempted Nanowrimo...well not only attempted I successfully put down over 50 000 words. I put it aside for about a year, then finally looked at it. Surprising myself that there was actually something there to work with.
I did a bit of rewriting...then left it for a long time. Being brave I gave the opening chapter to my writing group...they all wanted more. So I printed the whole mismatch out and on our writing retreat I worked on it.
This led to a major rejig of time line and since then I've been slowly plodding away on it. I'm 9/10 of the way through when bang... I have discovered A HUGE HOLE.

Why I didn't notice this earlier I have no idea. Perhaps I was too focused on getting there. I had the end in sight and I was merely putting one foot in front of the other. Whatever the reason, here I am with a hole. A gap. A huge slice of emptiness that needs to be filled. 

Interestingly enough I had thought the plot made sense. And it does to a certain degree,…


It's a truth that we see things from our own narrow perspective. Sometimes we can glimpse how other's view the world, but mostly it is from our personal viewpoint. And that viewpoint is tinted by so many factors.

How we were raised...our beliefs, both spiritual and religious...whether we are an optimist or pessimist.....our political and ethical beliefs. Ingrained parts of ourself.

We are also tinted by mundane layers such as are we happy or sad, hungry or full, sleepy or wide awake.

Everything can twist how we view something or someone.

So even though our main beliefs won't change (or probably won't), those peripheral 'things' can change and our perspective may alter.

I know I love to travel. Love seeing new places and trying new things..but also love coming back home. That ahh moment when you see your own bed, and the cat once again is winding itself around your legs. Everything is golden and lovely. It doesn't take long to notice that the lawn needs mow…


Alas and alack my two weeks of leave have gone. Frankly I'm wondering where they went. I'm sure I didn't relax for two weeks, I would have known.

But I did get to meander to the countryside...

spent some time at home

spent quite a bit of time in the garden

Even got a spell of babysitting with the grand daughters

I did very little writing.
Well no, I did work a lot of my adult WIP...redrafting and editing. Added about 3000 so far as I've gone through.
Wrote a few poems.
But I must have been thinking, and pondering, and wondering.
Because in the last few days of my break I began playing with an idea. Before I knew it I had a story at the tip of my fingers. I managed to write down about 3000 words in a spurt before I took a break.
And then...then...another idea came about. This was during a sleepless night. Usually I sleep like the proverbial dead. I read for a bit, then head hits pillow and it's good night. But lately, due to old age and hormonal chaos I'm not s…


Week one of holidays and I've done bugger all. Well, actually that is a bit of a misleading statement. I have accomplished a few things. Some planned, some not so planned.

I did plan zooming up to my sister's for a few days.

I find it a great place to simply relax. Mainly because my phone doesn't work there. I have no internet, no facebook, no messages. Nothing.

If I need to contact home or someone I can use her house phone I really need to?

My sister has a menagerie. There are cats...a pony...alpacas... dogs...chickens...and a stray duckling that wandered in while the guys were jackhammering.

I go up there to spend time with the folks (and animals). Sometimes I take lots of books and plan to read, this time I took my camera and mooched around and took photos.

I walked a bit...

 did a bit of art work in my sister's studio

had a discussion whilst walking the dogs to school- if the world was dying and you could save 10% of the human population...who would you s…