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oh God, I'm already bored.

Yesterday I had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery ... on my right hand. And yes I'm right handed.

This means a few weeks off work....a bit of this...

And darling daughter and her hubby have given me a list of Netfix to watch.

Some of this (and reading during the day time is a guilty pleasure)...

And there will definitely be no gardening..sigh

Very little housework - getting dressed practically killed me and took five times as long. I'm waiting for hubby to get home tonight to tape up the hand so I can shower.

And frankly typing this snippet left handed has take way too much energy and writing (unless haiku ) is out.

Once again life strikes.

The cat is ignoring me and so I've resorted to chatting to..

 I'm hoping to do some planning and either very slow left handed typing or hope i can read my notes.

Heres to a speedy recovery.



I do like to work to a schedule - or a plan. I like to be organised. Have an idea what I'm doing when. I work part time and for a long time my writing day was Wednesday, a day off.


I would run a few errands in the morning, write the latest on this blog then spend the afternoon writing.

Then it wasn't working.

I found myself doing a bit of this....

I began to look after grandchildren more.  This, of course, is something  I LOVE ...but it does take away from free time writing.

I also began to do this...

Volunteering at Pakenham and District Toy Library. It's a great service, lovely bunch of families that come in...but once again it's chewing up the spare hours.

Then there was this...

Another grandchild, a grand son this time and of course we are so in LOVE with him.

This meant (as with other grandchildren) lots of visits to ooh and ahhh and to offer a hand, shoulder, whatever is needed for the new parents.

So my Wednesday's were no longer a span of time with…


A few weeks ago I was pottering around a nursery (surprise, surprise) when I heard two women talking. One was obviously a gardener, the other along for the ride. When the gardener was putting some plants in her trolley, her friend said 'Why are you bothering to do the garden? No one but you sees it. And what happens if you decide to move, someone will probably come in and tear it all down.'

I was shocked and frankly didn't hear the gardener's response. But the idea that you wouldn't do something that you obviously love, or even like doing, because no one else would see it left me speechless.

Unless we have a hobby that has turned into a source of income, we participate for the enjoyment. It's a passion or a joy. We get something out of it. To me a garden is a part of the gardener.

No one else will put things together exactly as I do.

It's a part of me. I want a rosemary hedge, so I've put in cuttings (that are doing great).

I thought it would be fun to…


This post was going to be about something totally different but thought I would write down what exactly is happening now.

At the moment I can feel that I'm heading for a blue patch. Frankly I want to do nothing more than curl up into bed and pretend the whole world has disappeared.

I don't want to get out and about...don't want to talk to people, don't want to see them. Simply want to hibernate.

This doesn't happen a lot to me, but it does happen. By now I can see the signs, know it's coming, so I ready myself to ride it out.

There is a lot of positive talking.

I attempt mindfulness...which as a born pessimist is extremely difficult to do. And I know I have it damned good. I have a very very good life. Have a husband and family that love me...two grandchildren I love to the moon and back, another about to be born. I have a job I love ...doing something that I'm not only good at but that helps the community. I am now volunteering at a Toy Library - another …