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Last weekend I went hunting for a particular outfit. Anyone that knows me, is well aware of my great ability to buy clothes (NOT). So it was with much trepidation I went out with my fashionista (daughter) as my guide.

I kept two things in mind---don't let the side down....but more importantly be open minded.

I decided I would try on anything offered to me...any style....any shape....any colour.

And while this did result in some amusing (perhaps if you weren't me....I mean looking like a pale lemon cucumber is not my thing) it had benefits.

In the end, much to my surprise, I had two dresses I couldn't decide between. So in a rush of over heated enthusiasm, got both.

So why did this work out? We all know occasions when we go out, intent because we have to buy has to be this length, this shape, this colour and this fabric.  And because we are being so specific, we can never find it. We return home defeated. Upset that we can't get exactly what we want.

I knew I…


Last weekend I had the joy, and it was joy, of getting out and about with a great bunch of ladies from work. It began with an idea, a notion of having an outing...then came the planning...the choosing a date and time...where to go...what to see....the hire of a minivan....who would drive, how many to travel.....

There was so much involved in the planning...but suddenly the day was here and we were off.

We began with a stop at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and ice creamery cream......did I mention chocolate?

Then it was onto lunch at  Meletos at the Napoleon Cider. Lunch was amazing! Because there were 12 of us we were able to get the banquet....everyone was impressed. The food was so good, and there was so much. The only complaint was that we forgot to take doggy bags---yep it was that good!

Tastings was then the order of the day, and much cider was delivered to the bus, only to keep the chocolate company of course!

Back in our trusty vehicle (wa…


Recently I went to a hen's day- I say day because these days these 'events' go for all the weekend. The part I went to, was a very civilised event.

It began with champagne breakfast...with pancakes and berries and yoghurt....bacon and eggs...muesli and fruit...and more champagne.

There was a theme...if you went for the day you had to wear...

polka dots.

There were polka dots and polka dots and even more polka dots. It was very cute - to make it more so....there was polka dot bunting and cups and plates and little gift bags.

You get the idea...polka dots as far as the eye could see.

We then chuffed on in our mini bus- complete with driver ( the infamous San Churro)- and of course with polka dot bunting on the side and a polka dotted sign informing all that it was Lauren's Hens Party.

We had a relaxing and chilled out time at the Peninsula Hot first time but oh so not my last! Then onto Red Hill market for some food, a walk around and the most amazing fresh…


First writing group meeting of the year, and after the general 'what I have done on my holidays' we begin the hard task of looking at the new year ahead of us. Firstly though we looked at the year done.

That was hard. First question was what worked for us, and why did this work. Hard to do when my first thought was 'nothing'...but of course some things did work. Some things were accomplished, even if they were not major things I was aiming for.

So looking back is always a good start to figure out where we want to head for the future.

The hard first step is often knowing what we want to focus on. I mean a year is a long time (although for some reason January has scarpered and we are 1/12th of the way through 2015)- so deciding now, this exact second, what we want to spend the rest of those hundreds of days doing, is a very hard task.
However, having a general idea of what we are aiming at is a good idea. 

The year I had no real set of items to focus on, I kind of float…