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We all don't like the same thing. Thankfully. Imagine a world where we couldn't be eclectic and like a bit of this, a bit of that and heh, that really doesn't belong in my house but I'll have it because it makes me smile.

I know most folks have their own style. Whether it is in fashion or home decor, even gardening. I think I"m a bit of this and a bit of that kinda girl. Eclectic sums me up, even in the garden. A bit of formality here, a bit of country style abandonment there and how about an attempt of topiary way over there. Why not? It's all about what you like.

In Brisbane Miss T and I ventured to the Gallery of Modern Art..or GOMA as it is known. Well I didn't know it was known as that but it appears it is.

I do like art. I don't understand a lot about it but I come from an artistic family. My mother, sister and one brother are so damned artistic it makes me want to scream...(we'll talk about envy another day). So I like art, and a lot of what…


We all have them, expectations that is. There are expectations in your workplace (mostly along the lines of do what you are meant to do and you will get paid)...there are expectations in your home life.
The groceries are bought on such and such day, the magic fairy does the washing and ironing and cleaning of the house, beds are made, meals are cooked.

And so many events seem to thrust more expectations upon us.
Every holiday, whether birthdays, Christmas or the Easter just past,

and we are bombarded with images of happy families and big groups of friends celebrating. Every image shows people happy and laughing.

So what happens if that doesn't happen?

People move on, family moves away or have other plans. Friends lose touch...and with so many blended families, life becomes more and more complicated. But we know what will happen, what the media tells us should happen...we should be with loved ones having FUN!

Easter, for us, is a family get-together. There is an egg hunt of cours…


Recently I spent a week with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. Nearly two years I think, perhaps longer. Some of you will know that I'm great...okay...terrible with phones. Never been known to phone unless practically forced to. Just the way I am, and my friend and I were a bit slapdash with email.

Okay make that quite bad with email.

So I did wonder if there would be awkward silences when we did finally catch up. Would there be nothing to say, as our lives had moved on in so many different ways.

I needn't have worried. It was like we had met last week for a coffee.

It was a great week in Brisbane, a city I had not experienced before.

There was a lot of walking and talking.

And talking and walking.

Many sights were seen...

and some new coffee shops discovered.

And amongst all that talking (and walking) we reconnected with poetry. My friend had been working on a series of poems but hadn't sent any out for a few years....and I'm so bad with sending stuff out. I…


I must admit I like to have things planned...but a surprise (especially a good one) every now and then helps to liven things up. As does taking a risk, a chance, doing something you never thought you would do.

This weekend I (and my other half) had the chance to MC and host a wedding.

It was something I had never thought about, never considered...until we were asked. Asked by a gorgeous young couple, the best friends of our daughter and son-in-law.

With a smile we of course said yes...then began to think what this meant.

Basically it meant we were there to join in the celebration of their love.

There were spreadsheets...dinner where we sat down and got down to basics (you mean you really want us to say this...and that?)...dress rehearsal...and of course the numerous rehearsals we did before the actual event.

Our rehearsals, I must admit, were a bit ramshackle with much ad-libbing and being quite stupid.

However the day dawned on a glorious day of sunshine and we dressed in our best..…