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Rone Empire....

I had a lovely birthday treat the other week of being taken to Burnham Beeches to see the Rone Empire art installation. Burnham Beeches, built in the 1930's and now abandoned was taken over by street artist Rone.

It took over a year for him to create this work. Everything from the haunting aloof images painted on the walls, to the carefully created dust, cobwebs and even a patina of look-alike black mould on the ceilings. 

It was a stunning piece of work. Very atmospheric, and creating a story of abandonment. 
The images were awesome..

But what drew me in were the carefully placed ornaments and items. They added so much to the story being told, and in fact were a vital part.

The clothes left in the wardrobe. The book by the bed.

The sheets of music scattered with the autumn leaves.

The drinks cart waiting for that second cocktail to be created...

The piece of paper marking the spot in the book being read. The layers of 'dust'...the rose petals decaying from some forgotten…


Part of my day job is working with children and their parents. From new born babies all the way up to teens and I'm always amazed when someone will ask 'but how do you make books fun?'

To me, it's very very simple. You begin when they are babies and make books a part of their life.

You give them books before they even know what they are about. You let them feel them, play with them, yes even bite them (it's how babies learn). And you read to them, whenever, wherever.

A board book takes only a few minutes to read. But what it offers up to children is 100 times more. It promotes brain development, improves concentration, builds up a child's imagination, teaches them new things, helps with language skills and vocabulary. The list goes on and on....

It's also a great way to strengthen your relationship.

But the main thing is to make children realise that books are FUN.

Recently we had two of the grandchildren here, and as naturally as could be Miss Nine found …


It was a long weekend (even if I did have to work on Saturday) and daughter and I had been playing with the idea of travelling to Ballarat for the Begonia Festival. We ummed and aahed and decided no, but then hubby wanted to go up to visit his bees. Win win situation.

He drove, dropped us off, visited his bees, picked us up and then we visited Aunt and Uncle that live there.

Now I knew I don't like begonias.

Yes I know, it was a begonia festival I was going to.

 And there were a lot of begonias.

So I looked, I observed, I noted...

 Took photos of gorgeous daughter and adorable grandson in front of said begonias.

But I still don't like them. On a side note, neither does daughter...but....we had a very enjoyable few hours at the festival.

It was such a great event. Free entry, so many free activities for kids. If Baby Boy was a bit bigger he could have done so much! There were blackboards to draw on, obstacle courses and monkey bars, a huge sand pit, pots to plant up and take h…


I'm not one for teams. Have never played a team sport, and not good at all with a crowd, especially when I don't know anyone. Hello anxiety.

However this past weekend was a great example of how teamwork gets things done. It was the Cancer Council Casey Relay for Life 2019...and our group, Mobile Book Worms took to the track.

This group is part from work, partners and children, ex-workers and even friends of friends. 

It takes some captaining to get this group together and our Fay is amazing. She does it year after year and always with a smile, even if a tired one.
This year was hard. It was hot, very hot. There were fires locally (staff members had been evacuated ) and the skies were smoke choked and the sun at one point was blood red.
But we walked, and we walked and we walked.

I walked for so many people. So many loved ones and family have died from cancer, but my main two were mum and dad. Both lost to this horrid disease.
And we walk to raise money. Money for research, to…