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I garden therefore I am a gardener, of a type....a kind of bit of this there, some over here, what on earth is this and should I let it grow kind of gardener. But I do get out there and dabble.

I've done this for years, dabbling as well as gardening...and one of the most important lessons learnt (apart from what I think the end result will look like is nothing to reality) is to have patience.

Why else would we plant seeds and seedlings with the hope that they will grow into something huge, or in some cases, delicious?

We plant ----we give as much love and care as we can ----and then we wait. Sometimes it's not that long, a few weeks and we are rewarded with flowers or fruit.

Sometimes we know we are in for the long haul...shrubs and trees demand time.

So does having a big picture in mind. I am attempting (must be old age) to have some cohesion, some sense of style and design. Not simply buy anything that interests me then find a place to put it...and pray it all works out.



I went away to Mornington for the weekend, a belated birthday present. It was lovely, not only the weather was glorious, but we walked along the beach...

and had some fantastic food at various places.

The highlight was going to Heronswood , where we happily wandered the gardens for quite a few hours before having lunch then hitting the plant shop.

Other half and myself were content to look at the gardens, to ooh and ahh, to ask 'can we do this you think?' and take photographs.

And this is where it always interests me, we saw the same things, the same plants, the same garden beds, the same everything. But we always see things in a different way.

Our perspectives are different so we take totally different photos. We frame them differently...

we focus on different aspects.

Nothing is ever the same no matter how similar the starting point is.

This is something that intrigues me all the time in our writing.

One of the writing groups I go to has a topic or theme each meeting. It…


Recently we had a wedding in the family. It was the most wonderful day (even with a few hiccups)...with lots of love and smiles, family and friends.

And of course words are so important in these events.

From the signage (example A above)- so guests know they are in the right the name tags at the reception....from the signs telling people which punch was 'kid friendly' the actual vows.

Can I say these vows not only included 'my lover and friend' but also included their cats, their 'bears' true to the couple is that?

I think for most of us the day sailed by. The morning was spent getting the garden ready, then back to the hired house for hair and makeup- which was very relaxed...but then it was 'OMG we have 20 minutes to get you in the dress and ready to go'.

But we got there....

The bride looked stunning....and I don't think the smiles left faces the rest of the day.

I was cool and relaxed, until I parked the car ( I wa…


It's up there with one of the most stressful things you can do...and it never gets easier, no matter how many times you do it.

I don't know what's worse, the actual moving, or the packing up of everything.

But it becomes one of life's facts-----one day you will have to move.

You will have to look at ALL of your belongings and ask 'do I need all this?'

The answer of course is no...but....yes we have that 'but I may use it one day'...or 'surely it will come back in fashion'....or 'one of the kids will use that racket/scuba gear/ trampoline/ golf set some day'.
Chances are, no they won't. But the human race are known hoarders. We keep everything. 
Sometimes it's for sentimental reasons, sometimes it's because we fear we may never find that exact thing again (as if we really need a violet foot stool with lion feet---and no I don't). Sometimes we collect things to fill an emptiness inside, or because we had so little as a chi…


Had a great time last weekend. It began with a drive into the city (and no that was NOT the fun part).

Then daughter and I wandered a street or two (I don't often get into the city)

Then we wandered some more

down towards South bank, where we discovered a Chinese dragon or two.

The Food and Wine festival was on so crowds of people sampling a bit of this and a bit of that. We attempted to get into one restaurant - they could seat us at 9.30 - so we kept walking.

Ended up at Teatro---which was delicious. 

The food as well as the cocktails. We shared some tapas, had a few cocktails, managed to fit in a sampling of desert then it was time to make it to the Arts Centre for Sweet Charity.

What a great production, from beginning to end.

Loved how it was interactive from the start. As the audience arrived, the girls on stage were getting men up for a dance. Most were quick to shake their heads and deny the opportunity ....but a few brave souls got up and slow danced or dirty danced with …