Some folks will know that I enjoy baking. In fact, daughter (whose skills far surpass my own) and I often venture to cooking classes. I do like a challenge (although life does seem to be offering lots of those lately)...but I enjoy a challenge where I can learn. Even if it is a total failure, you learn. I'm sure I read an article the other day talking about Flearning, which is when you have a failure but learn from it.

This week I attempted  created my first vegan cake. I have made vegan cookies before (we have vegan work colleagues, so only fair to share some of the baking love)...but this was my first cake.

Of course my first thought was to contact said great-baking-skills-daughter who has created vegan goodies before...and ask for her best recipe. My girl has her own baking blog---Hurricanesnozbakes- YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT - and she suggested this recipe for Lemon Coconut cake.

I must admit to being terrified, worried about cooking with ingredients I have rarely / make that never/ cooked with before.

 I had no idea what the batter was meant to look like, the consistency, the feel. I had no idea how far to take the coconut cream...was my idea of a syrup the same as someone else?

I persevered....

and frankly was very impressed with the cake. It was soooo lemony....helps with lots of lemon syrup being ladled over the cakes. The coconut cream icing was just right.

 Add some blueberries, a flower or two I made (in one of my other baking classes) and the cake was made.

In fact, there was enough batter for 3 cake tins. So I took the double cake to my work, and hubby took the single one to his. Both cakes were a success!

So not only did I take on the challenge, it worked out very well, and I learnt a lot from it. Success all round.

I have also given myself a big(ish) writing challenge for this month as well. This challenge I don't think I'll make...finish the first draft of my junior novel. I've actually written a lot, but not the first draft. Mind you there is another week left before the end of the officially I still have a chance.

Time, however is not on my side. With work, meetings (have I mentioned I've taken on some volunteer work?) and doctor appointments, work on weekends and time spent with family (vital)...the hours are ticking by.

But I haven't given up.

Not yet.



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