Last weekend, a gang from work went out for the day. There was a mini bus, a sandy lunch with visiting bee, a lovely meal to end the day...and a painting experience. We went to Coronet Bay, a Paint and Sip. 

The majority of us were very nervous about our artistic abilities. Most of us claiming none. Yet with the help, tutorage and encouragement from Chris, we all left feeling damn proud of ourselves.

Brilliant aren't they? The girls as well.

What I learnt most on this day, was to look at things differently. Try to see things from a new perspective.

Chris had us turn this page upside down and then begin to copy the image in the empty space. To look not at the picture as a whole, but to see the shapes.
The squares, the circles, the lines.

I found this totally liberating.

And I did run out of space, and my fellow is very out of proportion but I was quite surprised by how close it came to the real deal.

Then began the painting.

The picture I chose was of a cat...a multi coloured, in your face, rainbow cat.

And I began it upside down.

In fact I did the majority of the work with the image upside down. I was merely looking at shapes and colours.

When I turned it right side up, it  was quite surreal to see the image forming.

Bit more pottering and I had my cat.

Yes the proportions aren't quite right, and my colours are different. I have a thinner cat, a fire cat.

But it is my interpretation of the image.

It was a great experience. We all left marvelling at what we had achieved. But what really hit home to me was to take the time to look at things differently.

I am not a very black and white person, I see everything in so many shades of grey. This painting session made me realise there are more grey hues than I had ever thought. Everyone has their own ideals, inspirations, dreams and goals, mantras to live by. They have their own success and failures, own problems and solutions, own strengths and weaknesses. When you turn something upside down, you no longer see it for what it is.

It is no longer a person or animal, a place or thing. It transforms into a connection of lines and shapes and a blast of colours.

This is what I hope to carry with me. This idea to look more deeply to understand. To not simply see what is visible to every eye, but to see the shapes and colours that have formed this person, this incident, this experience.

To try and understand.



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