I LOVE autumn. Yep, love love love it!

It doesn't have the harshness and heat of summer. (and I so don't do summer well).

Doesn't have the icy bite of winter.

Or the -in-your-face-look-at-me of spring.

There is a gentleness about it. A time of reflection.

In the garden things begin to slow down. It doesn't stop. There is still growth - a lot of fungi have their time in the sun. It's when the world begins to slow down, to ready for the winter.

Up here in the Dandenong Ranges we are so lucky with all the autumnal colour from trees.
A glorious sight as the trees colour, then slowly the leaves fall. And there is nothing like walking, stomping, or even jumping into piles of leaves is there?

'Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree.'   Emily Bronte.

It gives me the chance to get out into the garden, without the heat of summer, and move things around. Tinker and tweak. This is when you notice what is working, what isn't. What you can change for next year.

It's a time for ideas. Inspiration strikes and I wonder if this would work or that? Could I move this entire plant? Could a rosemary hedge work?

Hopefully this will also work with my writing. Which, as you all know, is a constant battle. Especially lately.
I seem to have lost the mojo. Inspiration is lacking. A big case of meh (including a shrug).

I have an idea a total overhaul is called for. Time for determination and focus, of goal setting. Of trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. And why?

Honestly writing this and it seems to be the same old refrain. I've lost the excitement and the blog is becoming a bit of a whinge and whine.

So what to change?

Any ideas how to get the excitement back? Or is it time for a break? Time to spend time out and about and think of other things for a while.....



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