We humans are a strange breed. There are a few of us that are happy the way we are. We plod on, not expecting things to get better, not striving for more, not wanting or even needing anything more than what they have.

There are others who see the bright side of everything. Believe anything they try will succeed and be wonderful. They bounce back after any setback, because of course, they don't see anything as a setback. Or rejection, or even negative. Everything in life is a learning curve and they are positive they are well on the way to their success.

And then there are people like me. A pessimist at heart. Who doesn't trust easily, who waits for the hammer to fall. One of those who take rejection because, after all, didn't we know we were heading for one anyway?

Of course it is a matter of perspective. And over the years I have really worked hard on being less pessimistic. I take time out to see the good things in life, the little things that matter and make it all worth while.

Having Little Miss stay for the weekend allowed me to reconsider what I am able to do.

We had lots of fun. There was gardening and going to the park---we created a necklace out of a 'dinosaur' bone she found in the backyard and a piece of ribbon ----we drew and coloured -----baked and covered the driveway with amazing works of art.

In her eyes I am amazing.

My drawing (as seen above) of George the cat was 'wow, so good!'

The cat hat I knitted for her was 'lovely'.

When I helped her colour in, she marvelled at my skills with crayon and pencil.

When we danced to 'I like to move it' from Madagascar, she liked my moves.

At one stage she looked at me and said 'wow, you can just do anything.'

Yes it is a viewpoint of a six year old but she believes in me.

She does not doubt my abilities. Partly because I haven't let her down... yet....she hasn't seen any disasters. And even my 'not best efforts' are met with awe and amazement.

It really makes me think of my own worst critic ...myself.

Who doubts my abilities?


Who doesn't think I can do it?


Who makes me hesitate before I try something new? Who worries that I won't be able to do it as good as others? Who compares me to others and finds myself lacking time after time? Who says I shouldn't even attempt something new because it won't be as good as I think it will be?


It's probably time to give myself a break. To take a small piece of Little Miss's confidence in what I can do and take it with me.

After all, what's the worst that can happen?



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