Honestly, I don't know how it is Christmas once again. As my other half says, it seems like only last week we were searching the shed for the tree stand...and here we are, once again dusting the stand off for our tree.

Christmas Eve, and the stockings are hung awaiting a visit from Santa. The tree is decked, with presents lying innocently beneath.  Although these days, only two of us (oops and of course Tigger the wonder cat) are home.

And Tigger has her own stocking, patiently waiting for a gift or two. Hopefully she's been a good cat this year.

It's definitely not the same without children at home. When they were younger there was always that mad sense of excitement, the battle of getting them to sleep at some decent time. The cookies and glass of milk, that very quickly turned into a glass of port, left out for Santa. The carrots for the reindeer.

When the children were school age we created a new tradition. They were to plan and cook the Chrismas Eve meal. For weeks they went through recipe books....they took turns choosing or making a drink (everything from milkshakes to punch to spiders)- there was an entree, a main and a dessert.

It was a great way of making the night before that little bit special.

Then they grew up, moved out and our 'traditions' evolved.

They do come back each Christmas....lunch is groaning table of seafood and meats and salads....and so many desserts (mostly tied in with the raspberries so abundant in the backyard)....this year there will be Christmas Pudding......raspberry jelly with fresh raspberries....pavlova with cream and assorted berries...and raspberry and white chocolate semi-fredo. 

Now of course there are children involved, which makes the time that much more exciting. 

So things have evolved. From having a noisy household of four...it is a sedate and quiet (ish) household of two (and Tigger- who is usually asleep somewhere).

It's the nature of things, time does not and can not be stopped. People grow older, times change, people and their families change. Your children grow up, they find partners, they have families...and you all learn to adapt. To compromise. 

Because for me personally, Christmas is all about family and loved ones.

And it doesn't matter if I don't get to see them that particular day, but a few days later, a week later, even a few months down the track. It's about catching up, saying hi, remembering why we love them.

So wishing everyone a very happy Christmas...hope your stockings are hung.....and that you have been good (enough) to avoid a lump of coal....and that you too spend time with those you love

Merry Christmas 



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