We had a busy weekend recently. Most of this involved grand-parenting duties---there was berry picking and Christmas tree purchasing-----tree decorating and flower picking.....flower arranging (in shot glasses)...and going to the park for some swings, some slides, some climbing and monkeying around....and of course...hand stands.

That was just Saturday.

On Sunday we took Young Miss to Other Half's Work Family Christmas event---at Luna Park.

It was her first time there and she had seen videos of the rides (wonders of youtube) and knew which ones she wanted to go on and which she considered too scary.

That is of course until she got there.

She began sedately----a ride on the flying elephants....then a ride on the dragon roller coaster.

Courage was gained and she went on the ghost train (bit scary with those skeletons)- bit of a breather for a visit to see Santa and receive a show bag of goodies- then onto the merry go round (while Grandpa went on a scary ride).

Then she decided it was time for the spider. There was much squeals and screams - of excitement. The ride had just come to a finish when she was yelling that she wanted to go again.

And she did.

After we handed her back to her parents and I went to work (much less strenuous) I marvelled at how a young child has so much self belief.

Young Miss, soon after her initial wariness, knew she could go on that ride and that one- it would be daunting yes but she just KNEW that she could do it and it would be okay. In most cases it was only the height restriction that prevented her.

So where does this self belief go as we get older?

At the park when she climbed up and on this contraption, I stood below.

'What are you doing?' she asked.
'Just making sure,' I said.
'Making sure of what?'
'That you don't fall.'
She laughed- 'I'm not going to fall.'

She didn't, but it is this confidence that I love.  The knowledge that she'd be okay.

She wanted me to do hand stands. That wasn't happening.
'It's easy, do it just like this,' then an example.

Still wasn't happening and she didn't quite get why not.

This year has been a bad one for knocking any self belief and confidence I had in my writing. Confidence and belief in my abilities grew smaller and smaller as the year went on, until a month or so ago all I held was a tiny scrap blowing in the wind.

However I intend to follow Young Miss's example....and believe that I can do whatever I think I can.

I'm going to go forward, slowly building my way back up.
So watch out 2015....

let's see how I go.


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