This is hard to say....very hard to say....but here goes.....

my desk is a mess.

There, it's black and white...out there for others to know my shame.

As you all know by now I am a list girl- and top of that list for the past umpteenth years has been DECLUTTER AND TIDY MY DESK.

I do have visions of a desk area looking vaguely like this...

Actually my desk could NEVER look anything like that- it's just not in my personality to be so minimal. But I aim to have at least a part of my desk visible under the piles of accumulated I mean I mean 'important' papers.

I do clean up my desk area...occasionally. When the guilt becomes so thick that it strangles me...or when I can't find the computer. And it looks nice, for a day...two at the max...then somehow these tiny gremlins come out at night and ....heh presto...back to chaos.

I will say now that this----points to picture above- is NOT my desk. However I feel that this is where it could head if things aren't dealt with.

Not that everything on my desk isn't vitally important.
There is my lists of books I want/ intend to read---need those.
Tin of pens and pencils- need those
Diary- definitely need that
Assorted jewellery I've worn to work and just left when I've got home-
Pigeon hole to the left of the printer holds note pads-
printed copies of recently workshopped pieces -
folders of ideas -
some Christmas cards I'm working on -
a sketch of what I hope to make someone for a present-
monkey -
vouchers -
recipes I've torn out of magazines (the garlic prawn and tomato risotto the other night was delish)- and other, I'm sure necessary, bits and pieces.

Then there is the nightmare pile to the left of that- which to save us all I refuse to show in detail...or actually at all.

Toys / puppets- or props- that I take to work for Tinies and Storytime
Pair of hubby's trousers that need to be mended
More recipes torn out of magazines -that haven't been looked at yet-
seemingly a pile of magazines ready to  be looked at for said recipes -
wrapping paper -
curling ribbon in various shades -
felt ready to make the above mentioned present that is now merely a sketch -
Christmas presents -
bag of items of clothes for the op shop -
bubble blowing stuff-
and the list goes one

And frankly after writing all this, I do feel ashamed (hangs head)

Now what I need is a way to get this organised, sorted, under some form of control.

My goal in writing this is that I feel forced / pressured   encouraged to work on this area of productivity.  Because in reality I am not being productive at all- there has been other issues demanding my time but really forcing a path to my computer before I settle down to write is not good for myself or my work.

Isn't there a saying about a tidy desk, tidy mind. In that case.... this could be me in a few weeks time!

So wish me well on my mission...I shall, over the next week, attempt another clean up. (can't rush these things). And I will work on finding a way to keep it all under some form of control.

Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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