On the weekend I went to a Masterclass...the Gourmet Kitchen Cooking School...Patisserie Masterclass: Mousse cakes, caramels, coulis and Macarons. My Christmas present from lovely daughter, who accompanied me. It was amazing!

Frankly we were amazed at what we accomplished.

Delicious salted caramel macarons...they even let Lovely Daughter and myself make the caramel.
We did try to warn them...we and caramel don't mix well.

But it all worked out exceedingly well.

And we learnt so much.

Tips and tricks with mousses...making of the cake or lady fingers for the bases.

Secrets to an amazing glaze.

Laura was a fantastic teacher...there was so much to cover, and we did it all. Mostly because she had us moving. She had a time line to work too and kept to it. She had a structure to work to.

It's something I'm trying to put into practice at the moment. The juggle of getting Little Miss here at a certain time, myself here at another time, juggle the Toddler...and anything else in between. I honestly don't know how any working mother (especially with toddlers or pre-school children) ever and I mean ever get to do anything for themselves.

Have a shower, get dressed, go to the bathroom. You either have a full time viewing audience or it doesn't get done.

At the moment I'm ATTEMPTING to prepare some stuff for a program at work tomorrow. Little Miss is dusting (hence the occasional bang, smash and whoops) and Toddler is taking all my books of shelves, then having a drama queen crying jag when I tell her no. I'm also cooking dinner, and trying to get someone's clothes out of the washing machine in the vain thought they'll dry by tomorrow.

I'm failing!

And I had the notion I could write a chapter tonight of my WIP. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL.

Deadline or not, organised or not. Sometimes it's just good enough to accept what you can do and what can wait.

My prep work may have to be done late tonight. Alas this computer is in our bedroom, yep, where Toddler is sleeping. Sigh. Perhaps not!

We'll see. I do have a deadline....I have a structure. It's just getting everything to come together.

At the moment any writing will not get done. Perhaps it's time for notes and ideas. Quick things I can jot down between SMASH and WHOOPS and OH NO!



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