On Saturday, just as Melbourne decided to finally have some rain, daughter and I headed off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  I thought I had an umbrella in my car, she thought she had one in her car...neither one of us did. However we had a fun day out, no matter the weather.

And of course the weather did force a lot of folks to huddle under cover. The Royal Exhibition building is just amazing.  I think we spent just as much time looking up as down at the exhibits.

This is a place where you have to come home with ideas.

A floral bee...come on. Surely EVERYONE wants/ needs one of these! 

Wasn't too keen on this idea. But there was definitely something for everyone.

I do love these 3D pictures, created with succulents. 

My kind of artwork for a garden wall!

This was stunning. Pink and green and lush. And check out the kokedama. Something else on my 'attempt to create' list.

Some ideas are just a bit out there, for example this bed with dinosaurs roaming. Yep, dinosaurs.

Then again, are dinosaurs a bit too much in a garden bed?

I think not!

I arrived home, still wet after our soaking. But with ideas filtering through. Some I'll never think about again, others I'll ponder on. Wonder if it would work, and if not, could I do something similiar.

I do find that at times I become a hermit. Don't want to socialise (well frankly this is me the majority of the time), some days I struggle to leave the house. But when I do get out, there is always something to see. Something to note, to enjoy. And idea glimpsed from the tiniest experience can lead to some major things.

It's getting out there to find it.



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