I really don't know where the saying came from, obviously someone who knows that both (animals and children) can be soooooo unpredictable. At the moment though I do work with kids, and so far, so good. There have been moments when I've wondered how I was going to get out of a situation, what would be the best comment to make now...or perhaps if I ignore the loudly yelled 'My Daddy has run away with Aunty Kaye' everyone else in the room will not have heard the comment. Especially the harassed, red faced and getting hysterical mother of child.

However at the moment I do wonder how ANYONE with a young child, and who works full time, manages to write.


Even a shopping list.

We spent the weekend babysitting.

Let's make it clear, we LOVE our grandchildren to bits and so enjoy having them stay. They make us laugh...

Make us look at things in a new light. They make us baby proof the house.

But they do demand time. For the next two weeks we are also having Little Miss stay with us. She's going to Other Half's work camp...lots of fun. They go trampolining and the Werribee Zoo, they go to movies and to play centres...lots of fun activities.

But for 4 out of 5 days, she's already at home when I get home from work. Then it's time to cook tea, chat about the day, find out what activity is planned for tomorrow, get her bag packed accordingly. Then it's bath, pjs, some reading then bed.

Love how both girls love their books!

By this stage it's 8.30, nearly 9. I'm ready for a sit down, coffee and not move from the couch for a while. Doing some writing is the last thing on my mind.

So of course I have done none.

I honestly don't know how full on working mothers manage to get anything done! Housework wise we manage. She 'helps'...put her on the end of a broom while I get some other bits while we make the beds etc...get her to help load the dishwasher or washing machine. Easy.

But for writing, I need that quiet me-alone, no interruptions, give me a chance to think time.

That has not been easy to come by.

Add in that it is now school holidays and programs have started. I've been making bits and pieces for mini-golf, trying science experiments, making cupcakes for certain people's birthdays..time is precious and it appears I have a lot less than 12 hours in a day.

I'm certain of it.

But I have a plan (of sorts). I'm not working this fact I don't have anything major planned. I have to do some shopping and there is a nearby local art market I would like to check out...and Little Miss goes home for the weekend. I have hours to work.

Yep hours.

Mind you, whether I do write will be another thing...but at least the hours are there before me.

Shining and empty...daring me to do what I said I would do.

Let's see if I manage anything.



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