Yep I'm on holiday. For two weeks. Two lovely, wish I had put in for more, weeks. No, we are not going anywhere. Not this time. And surprisingly for me, I don't have a lot planned.

It has been a hectic past few weeks. Lots of Tinies and Storytimes and kinder visits and Halloween shows....there has been new libraries to meet... if near Narre Warren you must check out Bunjil Place! AMAZING.

Reading nooks to try out....

There has been Charlie Chaplin capers for a friend's 50th...

we even began a saga about the mystery of the meandering moustache....

There has even been a tad of culture

Much Ado about Nothing at the pop up globe...AMAZING.

With this lovely lady. 

So I'm a tad tired.  And in my wisdom have decided to simply take it easy.
I do have some things pencilled in the diary...getting my back seen service cut on Friday. But for once I don't have a huge TO DO list as is my want.

Not saying I don't have plans.

Lightly pencilled in, easy to erase, world-won't-fall-down-if-they-don't-get-done plans. 

Such as clearing out the linen cupboard.....tidy my wardrobe....tidy the in the garden.

And some of these I have begun. I've worked in the garden each day, so far, although todays continual drizzle is annoying! 

I also intend to write. 

If the mood takes me.

If I want to.

Really want to.

Really really want to.

I do work well with a TO DO list, but at times the guilt when things are not crossed off is enough to ruin a day's good work. So I will potter. Do a bit here, a bit there. Whatever takes my fancy.

Read some books. Catch up on some TV -OMG just started on the Handmaid's Tale! 

Will be interesting to see what (if anything ) actually gets done.


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