I must admit I like to have things planned...but a surprise (especially a good one) every now and then helps to liven things up. As does taking a risk, a chance, doing something you never thought you would do.

This weekend I (and my other half) had the chance to MC and host a wedding.

It was something I had never thought about, never considered...until we were asked. Asked by a gorgeous young couple, the best friends of our daughter and son-in-law.

With a smile we of course said yes...then began to think what this meant.

Basically it meant we were there to join in the celebration of their love.

There were spreadsheets...dinner where we sat down and got down to basics (you mean you really want us to say this...and that?)...dress rehearsal...and of course the numerous rehearsals we did before the actual event.

Our rehearsals, I must admit, were a bit ramshackle with much ad-libbing and being quite stupid.

However the day dawned on a glorious day of sunshine and we dressed in our best...

What a joy it was to be a part of the ceremony and the day itself.

Thankfully it went without a boys and flower girls, groomsmen and bridesmaids...even the two dogs walking down the aisle were, like the weather, on their best behaviour. 

A big part of the day was seeing our daughter and son-in-law so happy for their friends.

The speeches made most shed a tear (or two)...and then of course the dancing began.

If you had asked me what one of my highlights for 2017 would be, speaking at a wedding would never have entered my mind.

Over the years I have read a passage at my brother's wedding, wrote a love poem read out loud by a friend at her son's wedding, and gave a speech at our daughter's wedding...this was another notch in my love speak.

It just goes to show, you never know what will happen next.

What adventure lies around the bend, or just over the hill.

But I'm so eager to see what it is...



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