January, to those who work in public libraries, means school holidays. This means lots of people, lots of kids. It means programs and fun means creative chaos.

It also is when we look at the year ahead of us and hmmm and hah over what we want to achieve. To look at what's working, and then what isn't, and try to figure out why.

As I said last blog I'm great with coming up with personal goals and ambitions, for myself and my home. Have even completed one goal already....(insert smiley face).

The writing goals always take longer to plan.

One that I have decided on is to get back to all those works in progress. (Well perhaps not ALL...I mean there is a lot, hundreds thousands of them)

The garden bed under the Bay tree is one of my many gardening works in progress. I was very hesitant about putting in the bromeliads...but they have thrived. Have flowered each year and born pups. Then I decided to add a succulent. You can see a tiny piece behind the owl.

Bad idea. So after six months or so I pulled it out. The succulent took over and took away from the bromeliads. I'll see how it looks being quite bare at the moment, but that is the good thing about works in progress. Things are continually changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Everything begins with an idea. Sometimes there is quite a detailed plan.
Then something doesn't work or what you had planned doesn't quite come across how you thought it would. It becomes lost in translation. This I feel is the hardest thing to do. To get what we see in our minds into reality. Whether it is a garden design or a story.

So you tweak. You add and you take away. You let it settle and when something nags you, then you look at it with fresh eyes. Hopefully now you can see what isn't working.

I have a folder on my computer now aptly named Works In Progress.

It has a motley bunch already in there. First drafts, first pages, a few paragraphs, a few lines. Poems and short stories, a junior chapter book and at the moment an idea for a picture book.

They are all things I want to work on. Pieces that I have begun, not finished, or not finished to my satisfaction, but feel there is something there. Something to work on. To improve.

My goal is to work on one piece from this file a month. Perhaps a poem to be honed. Maybe finish that short story I began. How does the chapter book end? (As yet I have no idea).

Some to send out, others perhaps to be put back in the folder as I haven't yet achieved what I want with them.

At least this way these pieces will get worked on. Some may find new homes, some will never see the light of day but the important thing is that I got back to them. Didn't let them wallow forgotten.

Well that is one of my writing goals for 2017...let's see how I go.



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