So 2016 is done and dusted and we move onto 2017.

Surprisingly it feels very much like the previous year. However new year it is and as January pushes forward we all begin to think of resolutions.

Or goals...or aims...or what on earth am I going to do this year?

For a lot of people there is a path clearly defined.

They want to change jobs...move house... change partners.

There is a holiday they have saved up and planned for. Perhaps a new home, new baby.

Some have renovations planned...new carpet..new paint...new curtains and blinds. (we all know once you start it is a slippery slope of DIY)

I find the house and garden plans for the new year easy.
I want to paint the small bedside table in son's ex-room and the dresser in the dining room...get some new kitchen chairs....we need blinds for the kitchen so the late summer sun doesn't continue to blind us and turn the room into an oven. There is also some lighting work to happen (would help if you can actually read in the lounge at night)...an oven to fix so I can actually bake a cake....and of course I have a few...quite a lot....lots of ideas for the garden.

I even have a few personal goals in mind. Eating better, moving more, getting fitter and lighter (this does seem to be a perennial ambition of mine).

I would LOVE to be a bit more tidy in my desk area. Actually make that a lot more tidy and organised...another perennial goal.

I would also like to be able to enjoy the moment more. All those little things we take for granted in our busy lives. So when I do weed and mow, to actually stop and yes, smell the roses. Enjoy the sunset. Be accepting of what I can't change and enjoy all that I have.

It's when it comes to my writing that I falter.

I don't know what I want to do. Why do I have to plan it now? Why can't I think about it and begin in say February...or June...or even August?  If I begin in August and work solidly till August 2018...that is still a year. Still twelve months of time to have projects accomplished and finished.

It just seems messy doesn't it? Starting in January and ending in December...taking the whole of 2017 is just that much more tidy and neat. It has a definite starting and ending.

One of my problems is that I head down the road...I walk on, step after step...then I begin to wonder what lies to the side? Do I really have to follow those signs?

What if I want to head up the hill, where there is no defined path? That one tree all by itself calls to me.

There is a fence, barbed wire in my way...but can I clamber over?  If I walk further, is there a gate?

I know that having a project in mind works for me. That something to aim for, or several somethings to aim for...gives me a focus. Ensures that I at least begin a project. And yes I will veer to the left or the right, at times I'll even go backwards. Perhaps turn around and begin on a totally different journey.

It's understanding that this is all okay.

As long as I'm moving...in this case, writing... I'm on my journey.

There will be new things to see, new experiences. There will be disappointments and successes. Times to celebrate...times to mourn.

If this year is anything like last year it will definitely have it's ups and  downs.

I just now have to plan what I would like to work on...and allow some getting lost time.



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