Twas four days before Christmas and all through the house...

the cat was attacking the tinsel and knocking baubles off the tree.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

in hopes that St Nicholas soon will be there..

Not hung as such...more like placed on top of fireplace. We do have a fire, (enclosed) and a chimney...but alas no mantlepiece. So dilemma...where to hang them?

And of course there is one for George.

The decorations have come out of storage, and with Little Miss doing the majority of the work, we are decorated.

Her decorating technique was to simply add and add and then add some more. To a seven year old, more is definitely more.

I have not changed a thing. The tree is still bottom heavy (as are most of us).  The fact is that we were two shortish people, and the tree is big. Other half did get up a ladder and add some tinsel and decorations..which is good. As George is making a good job of denuding the bottom half...her decorating technique.

I have finished  nearly completed the present shopping. Just a few to finish.

And wrap.

I've got the plates and cutlery ready (plastic so I can simply throw out after Christmas lunch)...the table clothes and table runners. Have the bonbons ready to go.

Tis the silly season for so many reasons. At work we are being given gifts of chocolate and home made shortbread, and chocolate and did I mention folks say thanks for doing a great job. Got to love the library love!

We are wearing Christmas T-shirts and santa earrings.... and antlers or santa hats on our heads.

So with only four days to go, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I know it's hectic and we seem to do nothing but rush and panic and purchase like crazy....but remember to take a deep breath.

Relax, if you can. And enjoy the time spent with family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas



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