Sunday was the annual Nissan Family morning at Luna Park. For the past few years we have had Little Miss sleep over, with a bit of Christmas lights hunting, and then taken her in the morning. At first she was timid...unsure of the rides. But this year...she knew no fear!

She went on the Coney Island Top Drop...twice...once with me, once by herself.

That was fun, not scary at all she told me.

She went with Grandpa on the Dodgems, while I admired their driving skills. Or lack thereof.

Even though she went on the Merry-go-round last year, this year she decided she was too big. So she went on the Spider.

Three times. We would get on, scream throughout the ride, then once off she would run around and line up again with a 'come on, get on with me.' Grandpa and I took turns.

This year she ventured on the Silly Serpent...twice....then onto the Twin Dragon.


Granpa even talked her onto going onto the Scenic Railway. They sat in the first seat ( I sat behind) and she was okay until she realised this was the BIG roller coaster that went around the tracks. Screams for the first big dips, then laughter and even managed to hold her hands up in the air towards the end of the ride.

But her biggest feat? The Enterprize.

Are you sure I kept asking her, yes, oh yes.

Have you seen what it does. Oh yes!

We line up....and this was NOT a long queue (they all knew better). We hop in our cage. Yes you read that correctly, our CAGE.

Where's the seat belt she asks?

There isn't one I say.
Hmmmmm....I end up holding onto the bars of the cage with my left hand, my right arm around her waist as a belt and struggled to find footholds so we would not bounce around the cage too much.

This ride went up...then it went side ways...then it went UPSIDE DOWN.

Little Miss, at the stage where it went side ways...fast...decided she would scream. And scream...and scream. There were tears amongst the screams as well. When the ride ended she simply said 'that was not fun like it looked.'

To a child's eyes, everything looked fun. Everything was an adventure. Something to try...and if liked...to do it again. And again.

I must admit that Grandpa and myself both do like the rides. It is nice to have a young one there to give us an excuse to go on the rides. (Although last year we both took turns looking after Little Miss while the other went on one of the bigger, more FUN rides)

But it is the idea that everything is fun that we tend to lose as adults. I love how a child can see the magic and mystery in so many things we take for granted. It need not be a ride that scares the beejeezus out of us. It could be the first strawberry picked from the garden. Those first cherries from our tree. Watching tomatoes ripen on the vine...or a blackbird bathing in the lily pond.

I don't meditate as such, but perhaps this could be a new way of mindfulness.
To simply be...and notice all that surrounds me.



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