On the weekend we managed to finally get around to hubby's birthday present. Almost a year late but honestly, it's so difficult to co-ordinate events into busy lives these days. Any way, a date was selected and event booked.

I had given him, and included a ticket for myself of course (why should he have all the fun)- a helicopter flight to Bass Valley Estate Winery . This included a guided tour by the owner of this boutique winery Roger..then some sampling of wines and a ploughman's lunch.

Helicopters are fun! So much fun. Frankly I could fly in them every day of the week and not get bored.

It's always great to see the world from a different perspective.

Everything set out below in a three dimensional map.

This boutique winery began as a dairy farm.  Roger, the owner, was born and bred on this land but in the late 80's when everyone was told to diversify to survive...he decided to plant some vines.

Huge learning curve later...

and the great idea of turning the milking shed into the tasting room...

and there you go.

But what a leap of faith. Belief that it was all going to work. And once on that track, not diverting but also being able to think outside the box. What else could they do to promote their small venture?

Teaming up with the local helicopter company and providing lunches and great days out.

It was a fun day - and dare I say I even enjoyed tasting a few reds. (Those that know me would find this almost impossible to believe).

I found it also inspiring me to think about things differently. Is it time for me to diversify?

I know a writer, working on her second book in a series, and the character in her book is a playwright. So the author decided to write the play that the character is talking about. It not only adds depth to the whole story but also has given the writer a chance to create something new. Something she has already sent out into the ether.

When I came back from our rickshaw race in India, I wrote the story about it. Our travels, our mishaps, our  adventure. I've sent it out twice (and alas no one is interested...yet) but I also wrote an article about it. It's taken some time, but there it is in the latest School Magazine.

Taking a leap of faith is often hard. Belief in yourself, I find at times, almost impossible. But if you persevere and keep on plugging away...and try to think outside the box.

What else can you do? What else are you too scared to try? Perhaps now is the time.
Something, somewhere, has to hit the right note.



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