I decided, since our Book Club was on my day off, I would begin picking LIttle Miss up after school and take her. It gave the two of us some Grandmother / granddaughter time as well. We would park at the library, skip walk to the shops and have a cappuccino/ milkshake/ drink of some description...and usually a cake.

Then we would wander back to the library and fun would begin. Little Miss really enjoyed them. The games, the craft activity...even choosing a new book or three to take home.

This is what libraries are great at...making reading fun. It doesn't matter if your child is an avid reader or's all about making books a part of everyday life and the library a welcoming space.

Huge part of my job is reading to little ones. From babies to toddlers and school age. But my main sessions are with babies. Some are a mere three weeks old, some are four months old. Some are crawling, some are toddling. The whole concept is to get them interested in books and make it fun. For the parents as well. Anyone that sees reading as a chore is going to struggle to read to their child.

So many new parents stare at me in amazement when I ask 'so we all read to our babies don't we?'

I get some nods of heads but a lot of new parents give me the 'but isn't he/she too young?'

Babies are never too young to be read to.


Gorgeous Grandbaby (GG) loves her books. Her parents both read to her, as does her grandmother any chance she gets. (Doesn't everyone carry a board book in their handbag?)

There is so much statistical evidence showing how vital reading to children at an early age is. How at school age, those that have been read to are a year ahead (academically and socially) of any child that hasn't.

Teachers tell stories of watching children on the first day of school to see how many children know how to hold a book. Which way up it goes, how to turn the pages. They can see at a glance which children have been read to and therefore books are a part of their life, and which children they will need to work with.

Yet it is NEVER too late to begin reading to your child.

One book (or chapter) a day....five books a week. Start now and you will be creating an amazing place for your children. A world of imagination and adventure.

And if you take them to the a Baby Rhymes session or a Tinies Time, Storyime or any of the book clubs out there when they are school age...then you are giving them one of the best gifts out there.

A love of libraries.



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