On Sunday we had the final Poetry in the Hills for 2016. It has been a huge year and we've had some wonderful writers share their work. I'm not going to say poets because we have more than that...we've had singers and musicians, prose writers and essayists, memoir writers and novelists, bush poets and people-who-just-want-to-get-up-there-and-rant.

Not only did we have the final gig for the year, we also had a feature poet and the launch (well one of her launches) of her poetry collection.

We had the one of a kind Yvette Stubbs launching her collection Barbed Wire Kisses. 

She is having a launch at the Dan O'connell on Saturday 3rd December for those wanting to get a hold of this fantastic work.

Yvette is a born entertainer and has the great ability of holding the audience in the palm of her hand. She made us laugh out loud, then made us cringe....she made us smile... then squirm as we were witness to pain and loss.

The last even for the year is also where prizes are awarded by Judy. She has the horrid (it is such a hard job, I've done this before, and I never envy her this) job of listening and judging the open section. Choosing the poems (or spoken word) that resonated the most.

As usual she did a great job. Awarding points for great use of imagery and word...for pieces that made you feel...that connected with the audience.

The one vital ingredient for the success of this venture has been Alex. He is the driving force behind it...and even though he has taken a more relaxed attitude this year and given me the chance to host, the event would never have taken place if not for him.

It requires dedication and hard work to start an event and to keep it running for so many years. Only the first here in the Dandenongs, but successfully for over ten years down in Fern Tree Gully.

So as we say goodbye to a wonderful and inspiring year for Poetry in the Hills...I do hope to see some of you when we return in 2017.



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