It is official...the year is half over.

Half of it gone without a trace. Whizz. Zoom. Goodbye.

I swear it was just February the other week..but here we are, and with repeated checking of all available calendars...it is the end of June.

We know it is winter because of the cold, and the rain, and did I mention the cold?

But the fact is that a good one hundred and eighty or so days have gone by and I'm left wondering what have I done?

In truth quite a lot of things. There has been Cats the musical with daughter....there has been two plays with various children....been days spent up at my sister's place and doing not much...a few garden shows, okay quite a few.....and friendly catch ups.....Purple Rain and biscuit decorating classes....Goodbyes and welcomes....children sleepovers and some outings....and a bit of writing.

This year I cleverly set up a file for each month. Very easy to see what exactly has been done..and when.  For me, it's a good system and it works. I also save a new version of a piece I'm working on in each month's folder. For someone like me who is a chronic DELETEr...it is interesting to see exactly when something was begun and how long it takes to work on it.

And if I'm honest and look at my goals for this year....I've worked on one. Another goal I began with a gung-ho attitude which has faltered quite severely. Hasn't stopped, yet, but that can be easily fixed. Not to stop but to keep on going.

Two other goals are sitting there, staring blankly at me. Not accusingly, at least not yet...but with that 'you-really-thought-you-wanted-to-do-me' look.

But there is hope. It is only half way, mid year. We have another six months to do some amazing things.

I could spend a lot of time bemoaning the fact of the time wasted...spent doing other things (fun things I will admit). Could look back and think of all I could have achieved...or look forward and think, yep, there is still a lot of time before this year draws to an end.

We have July...August.....September....October.....November and December.

Six whole months in which to work.

So my intent is to face forward and think of all that can be done. And plan. And write.

There will be hurdles...there will be distractions (have I told you of a new grandchild due any day soon! HELLO DISTRACTION)...but looking forward is much better than glancing back with regret.



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