Recently, when visiting my father, we went to a winery. (Amazing how often this happens--the statistics are astounding!) It just happened to be Taste of Rutherglen- local ultimate wine and food festival.

Who knew?

Well it seems most people knew. Which explains the shuttle buses and hordes of cars at each winery.

We stopped at one winery...Other half and Dad sampled....Mrs K and I people watched.

And it was good watching. So many people equated a hot day spent drinking wine with wearing as little as possible. Which naturally meant, as the day wore on, and more wine was drunk...etiquette went out the window.

So many stumbled out of shuttle buses, triumphantly holding their festival wine glass as though life depended upon it. As I said, some good people watching.

It was interesting to learn that because of the spurt of warm weather the vineyards are hectic with picking grapes. The hardest decision is which to pick NOW. All of a sudden all the vines are ready but there are only so many people, and so many hours in a day. Major decisions are being made as to which to pick now, which to hopefully wait a day or two. These decisions can so change the wine being produced.

After lunch, and a glass of said wine, it was time for our Fortified Wine and Cheese Masterclass.

It had been decided that due to a lot of cheese and wine consumption over the years, we were ready for a masterclass.

It was divine. The cheese supplied by Milk the Cow ...wine by Stanton and Killeen .

So we ate...and we sipped...and learnt that we can no longer call port...well port.
It is now owned by Portugal, but we can call it vintage, ruby or even tawny fortified.

Sherry is now claimed by Spain...so becomes cream, crusted or crusting or solera fortified.

Champagne, of course now French, becomes sparkling wine.

Tokay is now topaque.

And soon Brie will be no longer. Claimed by the French, it too will be given another name.

Will seem strange to ask for a 'glass of sparkling wine with a piece of that soft ripened cheese with a bloomy rind'.

Hopefully marketing gurus will come up with another name. Something a bit more catchy.

It was a delightful day. Mostly because of the company...the wine and cheese didn't hurt. And I learnt a lot.

Just goes to show to make the most of every experience. Enjoy it. Enjoy the company.


People watch.

And perhaps have another wine...or two.



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