It's that time of the year when we have over indulged on chocolate and hot cross bun, and we can put another Easter firmly behind us.
But oh the chocolate...and yum to those buns.

Which of course means it's school holidays.

With the library closed for four days (public holidays) the first day we are open is...busy. Yep, let's just say busy.

Not only do all the regulars come in, starved of books, eager to claim more to take home. Because it is school holidays we have the families coming in.  Parents who already have children stating 'I'm bored.'

DVD's zoom out the door. Console games are played endlessly. Some school projects are begun, not many but a few.

There are some that get away. Take a few days off, a week off...even the whole holidays off. Get out and about and do something.


Other half and I had the four days of Easter off. First day we gardened...mowed...weeded...tidied up.

Second day...

we adopted George.

Third day we had daughter and son-in-law up for lunch.

Fourth day hubby and I went for a drive...found ourselves at Warneet, then lunched at Tooradin, visited mother-in-law and nephew on the way home.

Four days and we did four totally different things. Which is good for both body and soul.

Doing the same thing day in day out is boring. It may be safe and offer security (and I do like knowing what's happening when) but I was thinking about how I'm still not that excited about my writing.

The more I thought about it, I came to realise that I'm doing the same thing each week.

And of course, if you do very little...you receive very little.

If you do nothing...you get nothing.

If I don't write that short story I want to write...then that story does not get written. No matter how long I think about it, can hear the woman's voice in my head, picture her sitting down on that big old cane chair on her front porch. Settling herself in for a good conversation.

Humans are strange creatures in so many ways. But that whole aspect of 'why aren't I getting anywhere' is obvious if I'm not doing anything.

What needs to change? I do.

Perhaps it's time for a shake up. Change the time I write, the day I write, what I write.

Or perhaps it's as simple as above. Leave the television, or computer alone and get on with it. And if not write, at least read.



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