Sunday was Valentines Day- but more importantly- February 14 is also Library Lovers Day.
A day to celebrate all that libraries have to offer.

 The above is the library I call home....Pakenham Library.

This is where I spend most of my time - our children's area....

So why should we love libraries? What do they offer, especially in these hurried days of technology and community.

The days of libraries being places of cardigan-wearing librarians peering over their spectacles to shush you is long gone. (Mind you I do rock the odd cardigan, do wear specs at the computer and will tell you to 'keep it down' when and if needed).

Libraries, of course, offer books. If you want to learn a language - read a Shakespearean sonnet or two - learn how to puppy train - toilet train- if you want to know how to bond with your bump or tile the laundry - make your own cushions or design your next tattoo. Whether you want to know how to dress your house for a quick sale or what bait to choose to land a salmon - how to make gnocchi and what exactly is quinoa and how do I pronounce it.

Books on every subject under the sun (including cliches) - but we also offer audio books, kits, CD Roms, e-books, e-audio books. There are CD's and DVD's - newspapers and magazines. And we have yet to touch on the data bases. Online you can write a resume, learn a language, get help with your year ten homework, check out the pronunciation of quinoa. You can trace your ancestors, save the information to your USB, scan it, email it, photocopy it, print it. 

We have computers and wifi- free workshops and programs for adults. In fact the Chocolate Making is coming up soon - Pakenham Library, Saturday March 12th 1pm- free samples. Come on, free samples.

Our children's programs are fantastic. From Tinies Time for your babies and toddlers to Storytime for your 3-6 year olds - Adventurer and Explorer clubs for school age, primary and secondary. There are Lego clubs and Manga clubs, book clubs, home work clubs. 

The above is our wonderful Miss Heidi- knocking it out of the ball park for one of the Storytimes.

Do I sound a bit excited? You bet I do. We still get people coming into the library and surprised at what we have to offer. They are amazed at the variety of DVD's we have - the range of magazines - the fact that the computers are free to use - that they can sit and use the WIFI all day.

Libraries are a place for study, for enjoyment, for education, for relaxation. They are community hubs, a warm and welcoming environment with some of the most wonderful staff - eager to help.

So the next time your ten year old has a project on Praying Mantis due tomorrow - or your fifteen year old needs to print out a report - your sixteen year old has to read one of Shakespeare's plays - or you want the latest best selling novel ----just think about the library.

What we offer for free. Every single day.

I am biased but I'd hate to think of a world without libraries - and the wonderful staff who not only have some great experience and knowledge but love books almost as much as you do.

This is our future. Children who love reading Roald Dahl...

or who love Peppa Pig.

Imagine a world where children aren't given that opportunity.

Not worth thinking about is it.



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