Had a great time last weekend. It began with a drive into the city (and no that was NOT the fun part).

Then daughter and I wandered a street or two (I don't often get into the city)

Then we wandered some more

down towards South bank, where we discovered a Chinese dragon or two.

The Food and Wine festival was on so crowds of people sampling a bit of this and a bit of that. We attempted to get into one restaurant - they could seat us at 9.30 - so we kept walking.

Ended up at Teatro---which was delicious. 

The food as well as the cocktails. We shared some tapas, had a few cocktails, managed to fit in a sampling of desert then it was time to make it to the Arts Centre for Sweet Charity.

What a great production, from beginning to end.

Loved how it was interactive from the start. As the audience arrived, the girls on stage were getting men up for a dance. Most were quick to shake their heads and deny the opportunity ....but a few brave souls got up and slow danced or dirty danced with the girls. It was a fun way to start the show, before the actual show began.

And this is when theatre can teach us so much about our writing. It's all in the details, and sometimes less is so much more.

It was a simple stage, the cast changed in the background, a few subtle moves of mirrors and a night club appeared. Another turn of the mirrors and Charity was hiding in the wardrobe.

A few cast sitting on chairs, holding their hands up and subtly bobbing up and down - and we know they were on the subway.

It shows how keeping it simple allows the main story to come through.

How often do we overwrite- repeat information - describe in great purple prose a scene...because we want the reader to 'get' it.

We don't need to do this. If we are clever and use details that can capture a time or place...we don't need seven paragraphs. A few lines can tell so much more...and I believe that's when the writing goes from average to good.

It's something I know I want to work on.



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